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No, I am not saying it but it is Steve Ballmer who thinks so. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella is looking forward to launching Windows 10 for smartphones soon and hoping that Windows 10 will be a game changer for Microsoft in smartphones and tablets where it is struggling to find a foothold. However, former CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer says that Windows Phone is doomed if it does not adopt Android ecosystem.In a recent statement for Bloomberg, Ballmer explained that Nadella’s new strategy of focusing as much as possible on universal apps for Windows 10 won’t work, pointing out that, for the moment, support for Android apps that can be used on Windows devices is the only way to save the platform.“That won’t work,” Ballmer commented as Nadella spoke. Instead, the company needs to enable Windows Phones “to run Android apps,” he said.Nadella is pushing Microsoft Continuum to be used on a wider array of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs, sharing the same code and design, with the UI automatically adjusting to screen size and resolution.Ballmer also criticized Nadella’s answer to an audience member questioning the lack of key apps, like one for Starbucks, on the company’s Windows Phone. Nadella responded by citing the company’s plan to appeal to Windows developers by allowing them to write universal applications that work on computers, phones and tablets, targeting a larger array of devices than just Microsoft’s handsets that have just a single-digit share of the mobile market.Ballmer says that even though this is indeed a good idea, running Android apps is what Windows Phone needs right now. This can help address the lack of apps in a much more effective way, he suggested.Running Android apps on Windows phones is not a new concept, and Microsoft was aiming to make this happen with the help of Project Astoria. Microsoft in April announced a plan to let developers easily rework Android apps for Windows, as well as those from Apple Inc.’s iOS.Earlier this month, the Verge reported the Project Astoria has been put on hold by Nadella, though Microsoft has not officially confirmed the same.Do you agree with Steve Ballmer’s statement that Windows Phone is doomed if does not incorporate Android Apps? 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July 22, 2019Israeli firm can steal your private data from Apple, Google, Facebook... 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