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New World players have found an obvious and very easy to implement invincible loophole. The loophole is implemented only by switching the game to window mode and dragging the window. When repositioning the New World window, the player enters a suspended Cheap New World Coins animation state so that it cannot be killed.

In theory, this loophole can become an unkillable occupation point during the PVP war. Two New World players from PG Gamer tested this technique and confirmed that it works to some extent. From the perspective of attacking the player, the player who uses the loophole is being hurt. But unless they let go of the window, even if their health is cleared, they won't die. Another tester was able to use this technique to jump off a cliff from another player's point of view, and finally it could freeze in mid-air.

Since this vulnerability was discovered by the community, many players began to call on Amazon to either suppress this problem or freeze the war in the game as soon as possible. Otherwise, the guild may use this loophole in the battle to win territory and gain a significant advantage. In addition, since wars require money to be carried out, the victors will get a lot of economic growth, so they will have a lot of things to do.

Although this window movement vulnerability may be considered a strange one-time vulnerability, it does not indicate that New World's client server has serious flaws. In some cases, it makes sense for the player to become invulnerable when the client does not respond. The player can manipulate the client more easily in this situation, which is surprising. The exploitation of vulnerabilities is usually involved in the execution of strange game modes, but it is not a daily Windows UI New World Coins operation.

In some cases in the past, game publishers usually warn players seriously about the problem of cheating by exploiting vulnerabilities, even if these players use bugs that everyone can use instead of external cheating software. And we don't know how Amazon will deal with this problem.

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