buying mt 2k21 big deal to get him come from Kin Gang's blog

I believe ya. I offered all my GOs yesterday only because I was having more fun using the spotlight sim reward gamers and watching them go for more now than yesterday hurts my soul lol but who knows what the marketplace would look like in another 4 hours and if they stay at that price during the day.How would you guys do your subs at mtu? I'm beginning to come around that primary ball handlers will need to get subbed often but when bol bol is standing there performing corner 3s it might not be a buying mt 2k21 big deal to get him come from NBA 2K.

It looks like I am better having 3 pgs to keep them clean then to sub out the squad what do you you all think? If tacko is just grabbing rebounds I do not understand how much his energy level really matters I mean. I sub in and 5 at once(quarter on, quarter off)I play all 13 players most games and that I run a 3 man rotation at pg(giannis, Magic, Ben) plus a three man rotation at heart since they have to run down the court to keep up with everyone else they can't just run so they operate out of more endurance.

That is the boat I'm in. Got NBA 2K per week or two back and having fun together with Dom, Challenges and Offline TT, but wanted to have a look at this ball fall shit for TTO and God damn. Pushing any button and waiting patiently for it to register. I don't even understand since the lag is awful, how I make shots occasionally. I moved in TTO like 3-8 and honestly the shedding made me keep trying more and more. Never got a board on it with a card. If I got an opponent with a similar lineup it was competitive and marginally fair and I felt as though I could do the things I needed to perform, but the complete GO squads wrecked me.

Except one guy. His shit was wrecked by me although he had been stacked. Got ta get used to the online meta. Even the nba 2k21 myteam mt dribble moves, baiting the defenders to a double group that gives me open space to get a three ball. I read they don't use client side shooting, which would eliminate essentially all lag issues with shooting, because of hackers, but that is how Fortnite functions and they frankly haven't had big issues with hacking. I'd really like to find a switch to make shooting more honest. Anyways, back into offline game modes while I grind to get a squad.

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By Kin Gang
Added Jun 27



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