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Most of us have that extra gold jewellery that we rarely use in regular basis. Sometimes we never use that extra gold jewellery that can be a good asset for all of at the time of need. Getting cash for gold is always a better idea to make the best use of our unwanted gold jewellery. All of us must have faced some sort of financial crisis at some point of time. So at the time of triumph some cash against gold helps us come out of that panic situation. Previously people were well acquainted in getting a gold loan against their old gold jewellery. But since new trends have been introduced, people are becoming smart enough to sell gold against cash. They are aware of the fact that getting cash against gold is really the better option compared to getting a gold loan.

But everybody is just concerned about getting the best value of their gold. Sometimes you are unable to get best cash for gold that makes you disheartened about selling your most precious metal. If you get the best cash against your gold jewellery then it surely encourages you in investing in this expensive yellow metal. But can you get the best price for your old jewellery? If yes, then how can you get best price/cash against gold jewellery that you have purchased with so much emotion? All we need to do is to follow some basic steps to ensure about getting best cash for gold jewellery.

1. Choose the best time

Time plays an important role when we decide to get some cash against gold. Gold rates get a price rise at a particular point of time. So you need to do a thorough research at which time it will be convenient to sell your gold for cash. So always look for the demand and supply theory. In India gold gets a price rise at the time of festivals and also in marriage seasons because gold is considered as auspicious to be bought at the time of festivals and marriage ceremonies. So this is time the gold prices go up ensuring a best price/cash against gold.

2. Purity check

Always go for a purity check before you sell your gold. Try to find out the karat quotient in your gold jewellery. 24 carat is known as the pure gold and if your gold measures 14 carat then there is 58% pure gold with 14 parts of gold and 10 parts made of other metals. Most of the jewellery is of 22 karat gold and it is 91.67% pure gold where you can say 22 parts of pure gold and only 2 parts consist of other metal.

3. Verify the current market price

Always make the best research on the market price of gold so that you can get best cash against gold. Always check the per gram prices that is likely to vary every day.

4. Get your gold measured and do a thorough research on the price of your current city

Get your gold measured before you sell gold for cash. It’s really necessary to do a proper research on the gold prices of your current city. If you are in the capital city New Delhi, then research on internet or personally, what is the price you are going to get against your gold. To sell gold for cash in Delhi you just need to pick the right gold buyer to make sure that you are getting the best price against your gold jewellery in Delhi.

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