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I mainly play Mut 21 coins also and typically get 3 kinds of competitions: The Chiefs user who scrambles a great deal and hits Tyreek deep(even if you shed your safeties back into a dark blue zone that he still manages to somehow get behind them). Just like scrambling with Mahomes, then once you begin to user the safety, he sees cheese plays. You put a spy Mahomes and consumer safety and he begins to hit the back for 5-6 yard gains. You then realize you can not user both the LB to stop the back and the safety to stop Hill at precisely the same time. The 49ers user who will do outside stretches each and every play game. They will not let up if you figure out how to stop the match and every time this user is currently hoping to find that cartoon in which it is broken by him takes it. I've had many matches where 10-14 will be lost by me and that I stopped the run all game but opponent got two plays where what's obstructed perfect with cartoon in which the outcome is a 50+yd TD.

The Ravens user who is just like the Chiefs user except he doesn't have Tyreek Hill but instead has a QB. I would prefer the Ravens user over the Chiefs daily, to provide some credit to this one. Hill and stopping Mahomes is a nightmare. Bonus rant: I can't stand how simple it is this season. Anytime I press my corner, then I get beat. I realize guys like Hill, Goodwin, D.Jackson and company are fast.but let us get real. They don't automatically conquer each and every corner who presses them each time(in real life). In Madden however, if you press on them then it's automatic that you're giving up a TD. I can not stand that because this does is forces you and your CB's to play 5 yards back which leads to opponent having that 5 yard out course wide open.

It is dependent upon a range, although press can get roasted. Cover 4 (not palms unless you cover sticks likely ) is basically a bailout media. This will not get deep unless you have a speed mismatch that is terrible. Man can get beat deep, but shading over shirt helps. If they have an outside releasing path it is basically GGs if you do not color overtop. It is possible to call this coverage, but change your Corners that are external to Quarters, they'll play much better. I'm not a pro player by any means, but that is some things I have picked up.

For your own sanity, realize that while buy Madden 21 coins is a soccer sim, it is terrible at it. And is more of a football match with a few sim theories. You need to be able to handle the meta if you would like to do well. We are way deep into Madden nfl cycle at this time, a vast majority of the people playing are enthusiasts, so expect a lot of meta. Christmas and about 1-2 weeks following release are usually fun, because everybody's trying to figure out everything. FWIW, I had been a long time sim player who got tired of getting beat. I can hold my own against many I think, but I am probably below average. I have not played since like November lol. Run meta is very boring to me.

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By Kin Gang
Added Jul 1 '20



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