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Economy worldwide is dwindling. As the world reels under the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19, recession is pushed to the edge. With all major industries like Travel & Tourism, Food, Transportation, Entertainment, Automobile industry suffering a major setback, there is severe disruption to the economy all around the world.

During such odd times, people take refuge in their savings which can be in the form of extra cash, bonds, jewelry, and other assets. Gold assets are considered a safe haven during an emergency. One can get instant payment against gold by selling it to the right buyer of gold.

Gold market is fast evolving and there are many gold buyers who offer good prices against your gold items. Through this article we wish to provide you some information about how cash against gold can bail you out of a financial crunch and provide you an instant solution during an economic crisis.

1. A good store value- Gold is an assured asset to fall back upon when other forms of currency no longer work. It is a great insurance cover against inflation and economic instability. Past 50 year old trend shows that gold prices continue to rise even when stocks plunge during high inflation, or in an economic downslide.

Gold can be stored over long periods of time. It has a longer shelf life compared to currency notes, coins and other assets. It does not corrode like other metals. Unlike currency which lives under the constant threat of demonetisation, or bank notes going obsolete, gold has a history of holding its value.

2. Genuine buyers of gold- Selling gold to authentic buyers is absolutely legal and fetches you a great price. There are honest and reliable buyers in the market who offer instant payment against your gold assets.

3. All types of gold- Whether broken or old, used or new, junk or scrap, gold of all types can be sold for instant cash. Buyers of gold in the market may also buy your other assets like the silver and diamond jewellery, which can also be used as a hedge against a falling economy.

4. Quickest method- People need liquid cash for emergency situations which require quick payments. Other paper investments like stocks, mutual funds, bonds may take time to fetch you the best value. Selling gold is one of the easiest, quickest and safest ways to get funds in critical situations.

To Sum Up

Along with other methods of investment, gold should be an integral part of your investment portfolio. Studies have proved that value of gold increases during adverse events that cause traditional investments like paper currency, coins, bonds and stocks, to slump. Even though the price of gold may be volatile over a short period of time, it does maintain its value over the long term.

If you are still ambiguous about any fraudulent transactions, and worry about getting cheated by deceptive buyers, then you should do proper market research before heading out for a deal. If you go online, you will find a lot of brands and names pop up on your screen. We suggest you read Google reviews, Quora reviews, and ask friends and relatives, before making a choice.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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