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This isn't a remake in the broadest in the present: the game's assets from the beginning, updated or redrawn D2R Items, to run in greater fidelity with modern hardware. It's not it's a remake, with the contents of the original game is recreated from scratch, to some degree or other of faithfulness, within a brand new engine.

It exists in the second form however, it is an uninspiring 3D audiovisual overlay, which is its output from the game's original 2D game logic running underneath. It's the actual game that you're actually playing. Your detailed, 3D avatar reaches out to strike the monster right next to her however, it's the hefty pixels below (or in other words, the math under them) that determine whether or not the blow strikes.

It's an interesting approach which results in a remarkable true reproduction. The aesthetics are one thing: it amazes me that artists, working with clean modern lighting and rendering, have managed to capture the gritty, grimy, crepuscular atmosphere of the original pixel art. The the dark details appear to be fading against the blackness.

Even more remarkable is the feeling. Due to the preservation of original game logic in the background, Diablo 2: Resurrected keeps every feature of the 2000 game, starting with your character's swift stiff-legged, stiff-legged running to the whipcrack speed and binary flatness of the interactions.

For all the sophistication of its character-building and buy diablo II resurrected items game, the rune word and all, it is played in a brutally simple way. By using a keyboard and mouse, you still only have two capabilities at any one moment on the mouse buttons and have to use function keys to switch on other characters.

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