Ability to select between two one-handed weapons or two-handed weapons. from wangyue's blog

The Mastery feature of Ignite is being redesigned to  WOTLK Gold allow greater control over Ignite.Fireblast acts as catalyst, spreading to as many as eight enemies when it is cast upon one Ignited enemy.Blast Wave will do more damage and have an extended duration of slow added on.Kindling the cooldown will increase. increased.Pyroclasm the damage boost will be raised.


The Flurry's Winter Chill debuff will have more time to debuff, making the following spells to make the target appear frozen, increasing the critical hit probability for the mage as well as allies.Monk Expel Harm and fortifying Brew, Spinning Crane Kick along with Touch of Death will be available to any Monk to use regardless of the area of specialization. Specializations of all kinds can summon their Celestial through Invoke Xuen to summon which is the White Tiger; Invoke Niuzao or the Black Ox as well as cheap WOTLK Classic Gold Invoke Yu'lon which is which is the Jade Serpent.


The ability to select between two weapons with one hand or two-handed weapons.The Shuffle passive ability is returning.Celestial Brew will be added as a new skill that will absorb damage depending on the imbiber's attack power.Brewmaster Monks can now use Nuzao which is known as the Black Ox.Touch of Death will take out any creature with lower energy than those of Monk.Celestial Flames will be added as a new ability that will increase your Breath of Fire's ability to reduce damage, and expanding the damage effect that occurs periodically on all targets struck by Spinning the Crane Kick.Exploding Keg will be available as a potential tree of talents which will burn enemies upon impact as well as blinding enemies for a short duration.


All Mistweaver Monks can now Invoke Yu'lon, Jade Serpent.Touch of Death will instantly kill enemies who have lower damage than Monk, and create Healing Spheres to allies.The Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane talent will be revamped, increasing the Monk's physical damage as well as helping allies heal for a percentage of the damage that is inflicted to enemies.Chi-Ji can also make Monks invulnerable to abilities that cause movement damage.

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By wangyue
Added Sep 28 '22



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