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It provides you with the motivation to push you to return to WOTLK Gold work even more hard than you've ever tried to be as successful as you could. It's one of the things I like about BlizzCon this year is that we get communicate with our players and feel their enthusiasm that's the real reason we are here. That's why I'm looking forward to see if we can attend BlizzCon live in person.

John Hight: I was playing at the time and , for me among my fellow players, it was validation because I've been playing for a long time and I'm able to recall someone telling me, "Yeah, have you played the video game Burning Crusade?" and I was like, "Yeah, that's WoW this is the game I'm playing now." "Oh this game looks like it's off the rails." It's similar to "Well I'd like you to come to be with me."

It was amazing to think that WoW could do that instead of taking small incremental baby steps towards keeping its community going while also taking a big, bold step into another realm. How has it influenced the game? Each time we launch an expansion, it's like "Yeah it's going to become a huge World of Warcraft , got to have new features as well as some insane zones. There's got to be stuff people weren't expecting within this." It came from Burning Crusade that started all of that.

Do you have stories about the process of developing the expansion that you would like to share that might surprise people?

Brian Birmingham: It was simply amazing to observe what speed the entire team was able to work. It was rapid growth cheap WOTLK Gold . Like I mentioned that I was among the new hires then and witnessed how fast we had to hire up and work at a breakneck pace. It was inspiring to see such great and talented people who were working together.

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