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The Mut 23 coins Rams offered Foles the $24 million contract extension before he had played an offensive snap for them. Three months later, Fisher benched him as part of his efforts to break his perpetual 7-9 cycle. Then, he declared that Foles "eventually be in the mix for us once more." He was talking up Keenum as their starting quarterback in February.

You'd think that some team would trade for Foles as the Rams reportedly shopped him during the draft -- but it's likely to be difficult for any team to accept into consideration the disastrous deal that the Rams made him with the possibility of an $8.7 million cap-hit this year , and a $13.2 million hit in 2017. Why do you want to trade when you could just be patient and wait for the Rams to let him go?

It's obvious that a coach shouldn't trash his quarterbacks in the media, in part due to the fact that they never know when they'll need to have to depend on the quarterback again. Yet it's just as reckless to speak a person to the world only to then pull the rug from underneath him. A coach that is not respected like Fisher can make for a very easy toe, but he's certainly not the only one guilty of this.

When you think of great football traditions, many will think of the college game. Absolutely, the college game is full of famous rituals including the Clemson's "Howard's the Rock" as well as the "Play like a Champion Today" placard that each Notre Dame player touches as they leave for the field.

Yet the Madden NFL 23 has a history unique to it. While many of these techniques are more recent vintage than their college counterparts, they're as much a part of cheap madden 23 coins the culture of football.

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