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If you have three minor elements, the major element will change and the pact will form when the major and four minor elements match. This seemed complicated at first, especially because we didn't have too many artes to FUT 23 Coins work with, but we imagine that it should become easier once you're able to perform more element-specific artes. Seeing as how you're also controlling one character at a time, you need to make sure your other party members aren't messing up the elements if you have a specific one in mind. This is when having a friend or three will help so that you can coordinate which elemental arte to use. Multiplayer works just like in the previous game; your friends help you out in battles, but most of the time they're just waiting for the next fight.

Form pacts with monsters so that they will fight on your side.

You still have the ability to cook, and in order to track down gourmet recipes, you'll have to locate that sneaky Wonder Chef who hides out in the most obscure places. You'll usually find a Katz worker in town, dressed up in a yellow costume with cat ears, who can help you manage your monsters, cook, and give you quests. By making tasty dishes, you can feed them to your monsters so that they level faster and are therefore more useful in a party. No one wants an underfed, wimpy monster.

Other than the anime-style intro before you even begin the game, that style is seen again only in the pop-up skits, in which the dialogue exchange is presented by character portraits. The game is presented with 3D characters, and the characters and environments don't seem to have the same feeling of crispness that you would find with cel-shaded graphics, though admittedly this is still a preview build. The character models still look great, but right now the dungeon and towns that we've visited look a bit plain. We didn't find any Japanese voice-acting option, but the cutscenes and skits do have English voice acting, which is done fairly well.

The Tales series has come a long way in the past 10 years, and World of Warcraft appears to be a solid role-playing game for the Nintendo Wii. There are more than 200 monsters to try to collect, so it will certainly keep you busy if you want something else to do. Dawn of the World of Warcraft is expected to ship sometime this fall.

World of Warcraft Impressions - Exclusive First Look

World of Warcraft was released earlier this year, and it added new depth to the pastime of controlling the lives of little computer people as they lived, loved, aspired to lofty ambitions, and got into hilarious catfights. The first expansion for the game, World of Warcraft, will add three new huge areas to explore (China, France, and Egypt), along with intriguing FIFA 23 Coins  new puzzle-based gameplay. It will also include tons of new environments, character clothing, moneymaking options, and character traits. And we got the first look.

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