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The new options will include new hairstyles WoTLK Gold, colors of facial hair, skin colors as well as accessories such as horns long tails, tattoos and much more. The Void Elf will get additional ear-size options and there are plans to create additional Druid designs for travel as well as Night Fae soulshapes as well.

"Our characters in game are a virtual representation of our character in Azeroth and having more character customization options to make our characters more unique helps us connect with their characters." Blizzard writes in an official forum posting announcing their new character customization options.

A greater variety of character creation options has been a long-standing request from players they believe that the game's character creation tools aren't as well-developed in comparison to other modern MMOs. Shadowlands had a huge impact in bridging that gap.

Blizzard claims that their game's High Mountain Tauren race is the next to be added with additional options for customization. In terms of when these new options will be available, it's currently undetermined. Shadowlands patch 9.1 that introduced the creation of a new dungeon and zone was released 30 June, and there is no specific date on the horizon for patch 9.1.5. Blizzard promises to keep players informed for cheap WoTLK Gold further information.

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