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You'll be much more aggressive with FIFA 23 Coins the 3-3-2 formation, which offers two slots each for left and right-handed midfielders. Three center backs hold the fort as best they can. Pace is crucial in this formation, especially for the defensive players, who have to make up for their low numbers with the ability to run.

The wingers should also have speed their disposal because they'll need to be able to contribute at the back in case of need. Attack is generally the best protection in FIFA 23, even if this strategy comes with the risk.

In 3-4-3, you typically build up pressure via along the sides, the 4-2-2 formation's power originates from the middle. Midfielders who are quick and agile are necessary to achieve successful flanking movements - however, this can reduce the endurance you need to counterattack, so pick your strategy carefully.

Due to the presence of four defenders and two defensive midfielders you can have the strength to back up your play and cope well against attacking opponents. If you're frequently faced with issues with your defense, this is not a bad choice.

If you're in the middle of a glut of talented attacking midfielders within your team and you do not want to let them be squatters on the bench the 4-2-3-1 formation could be an interesting option to consider.

It retains the defensive anchor of the 4-2-2-2 formation, however, on the offensive side it is a formidable spearhead that is fast and talented players who should create scoring opportunities through smart passing. Here you'll have to show an understanding of the proper timing and space to pull off your ground-level actions if wish to buying FUT 23 Coins be successful.

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