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Despite the constant pressure from regulators, microtransactions that allow players to win are FIFA 23 Coins 

undoubtedly a problem for FIFA 23. Loot boxes are available in the form of player-filled packs in FIFA's highly-rated Ultimate Team mode. It is possible to purchase FIFA Points with bundles beginning around PS0.79 to get 100 FIFA Points and climbing to an incredible PS79.99 for 12,000 FIFA Points. It is possible to purchase a premium Gold package that is priced at 150 FIFA Points. It also includes 12 gold-rated players or consumables which can be used during gameplay or sold on the transfer market.

Regarding the company's policies, EA told Eurogamer that FUT's lootboxes "are an integral part the game of FIFA that players appreciate," and that "giving players the option to spend whenever they'd like would be fair." The company has no plans to shift its approach regarding "surprise mechanics" unless there are laws that force it to. 

It's not going to make the situation any better However, it's important to note that in light lawful changes, you are able to now set weekly limits on FIFA Points spending and pack opening within Ultimate Team, and see the probability of receiving high-rated players prior to opening packs. FIFA 23 also features time-limited Preview Packs, which let you examine the contents of a pack before you decide to purchase it, however this currently only works for only one pack of cards that is refreshed once per day.

FIFA 23 is a rousing final game of the series (under its current name at the very least) with a refreshing emphasis on the theatrical. FUT Moments action replays, as well as viral-friendly gameplay revisions like Power Shots make it a more thoughtful, memorable game of football simulation with deliberate defending and plenty of drama and goals. However, EA's Spartan approach to the games that don't make money ensures FIFA 23 is a familiar model to previous editions, and Ultimate Team's emphasis on microtransactions has taken most of the enjoyment out of it.

FIFA 23 is available globally as well EA Sports are continuing to bring content to the game, such as the latest release of Marquee Matchups on October 6th 2022.

EA Sports updates their pool of Marquee Matchups every single Thursday and this week's edition is the same. This week, there are Premier League games included, with Liverpool's clash with Arsenal in this week's cheapest FUT 23 Coins selection, along with the games of Serie A, the Bundesliga in addition to La Liga, although there is the absence of Real Madrid and no Barcelona!

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