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Just to the to D2R Items the west from New Tristram, in the kingdom of Khanduras, Wortham used to be a bustling fishing village. The majority of the residents of Wortham were fishermen, who worked in the waters around the town. Several ferrymen made money by transporting people between Wortham as well as New Tristram via the Traders' Road.

The people of Wortham were not rich however, they were mostly content with their lives but were aware that they could have much more. The year 1270 was when Wortham was attacked an cultist group. In the battle, several buildings were destroyed, and residents were abducted and later transformed into undead creatures by cultists. The town was in danger from the creatures, Wortham's mayor issued a distress message however, before any help was received the mayor was killed.

A few years later, Wortham was once again the victim of a cultist attack however this time the harm was much more severe. Led by Maghda the cult began setting Wortham on fire, believing that a fragment of El'druin was kept in the town. When the shard was discovered the cultists fled, just as Nephalem heroes appeared to aid.

The story of D2R Ladder being set between Diablo 2 and 3. Wortham is not yet destroyed by the cultists. When players arrive in Wortham, the town is under attack by undead creatures, which players first encounter in the forest that has been ravaged just beyond the town's gate. With the assistance of the Wortham guards the player makes to make their way through the town, ridding the town of any supernatural dangers and helping the residents whenever possible.

The game Diablo 3. the player along with their companions assume the role of the Nephalem heroes. They, upon beginning the game, discover themselves outside of cheap D2R Ladder Items Wortham's gates in the first phase in the gameplay. The town is in flames and the town ravaged, the player and his adventurer team must fend off the Coven forces and begin building the city.

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