The Senior Bowl is always a interesting occasion. from wangyue's blog

Do not get me wrong: Michael Gallup is a really an excellent player. In addition, he's (by any accounts) an outstanding player in Madden 23 coins the locker room, and a beloved person in the club. But from the standpoint of football, this seems like a huge over-use of the cap spaces Dallas currently has.

Gallup has been struggling to return to the form of his 1.100 yard 2019season, taking steps back in each of the two years. The biggest reason for the 2021 season was a shortened injury that saw him end the season on IR but cutting Amari Cooper because of cap reasons but then signing Gallup for almost the same money feels like hope, not a plan.

Los Angeles are future-proofing their offensive line by giving the world a massive vote of confidence in Joe Notebloom, who was their left tackle , a position that was vacated by Andrew Whitworth. It's a sign that Whitworth has decided to quit and is unlikely to make a last-minute return similar to Tom Brady.Nobody is sports has better completed their work than Brady. I can scour the resources of my brain without finding a single aspect of business that's not be completed by the time TB12 arrives. At this point Brady is in essence Casper the ghostly friend of his time in Madden NFL 23 that's telling us there's unfinished business however he really is looking to sit in a neglected house since it's more cozy than the afterlife.

The ghost of Brady will be back. We're all going to have to cope with it. Truthfully, it's not really something to be worried about, except for the dude who paid $518.000 for the football from Brady's "last" passing touchdown. Now he just owns a very expensive football.

The whole 41-day retirement thing made me think though: What are some events that lasted longer than Brady's absence for a short time from Madden NFL 23?

The Senior Bowl is always a interesting occasion. Although it's not the most popular combination in the minds of many fans, it does serve as a rare chance of Madden NFL 23 coaching staffs to have a hands-on experience with the players they will be selecting in the near future.

It's actually an opportunity to uncover information that cannot be told by measurables and interviews. There's no doubt that prospective players mind their P's and Q's in the presence of coaches who are top-of-the-line the league, but they must not conceal their ability to absorb advice and coaching, then apply that to their games. In the past , we've witnessed players be buy mut coins madden 23  selected from their Senior Bowl coaches, so this isn't something you're able to quickly dismiss during the process.

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