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Not only have set pieces been improved from FIFA 23 Coins a mechanic perspective and visually improved. Together with the best players and players with a good skill in the air , becoming relevant in the current game, it's great to see EA enhance this aspect and game.

The feature that I was interested in trying first-hand was the new physics system. Since HyperMotion 2 being touted as the perfect way to incorporate more realistic physics in this game, I wanted to test if the changes had an actual impact. Well, it's not all positive on this particular front. On one other hand, you'll get the updated ball's physics as you switch between the play. The ball spins and turns realistically as you track the ball of the flight.

On the other hand the elements EA stressed in the preview, such as collision and deflection physics appear and feel the same as the previous year. While the weight of the players is increasing for the better, players still collide with each other and produce unrealistic collisions, especially with the tendency to keep the fingers glued to the sprint button. 

Many of the latest deflections made by an extended leg or foot are only visible on replay, and the the replays I've seen these shots -- especially those of the power variant can cause some serious injuries. Deflections and 50-50s remain a popular choice for the AI, especially as you become accustomed with the latest body models and what they mean regarding acceleration.

HyperMotion and realistic physical physics do not work. There's still a lot of sliding and unnatural movements which obstruct what should be realistic outcomes. Sliders like OS' Community Sliders can slow the game down and make it more realistic, however they're only able do what they can when it comes to FIFA 23 Coins for sale the physics.

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