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In Diablo 4, you will be picking up a lot of Diablo IV Item . Many of those items are not worth equipping, but before you sell them off to your closest merchant, consider salvaging them. Salvaging an item will allow you to Transmog your equipment as well as enhance it.In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know to salvage gear.

What is Gear Salvaging?

As with any loot based title like Destiny 2 or Borderlands 3, players will be coming across plenty of gear and weapons that gets stored inside of a backpack or other container with limited room. When out exploring or completing quests in Diablo 4, inventory space can get used up quickly so learning how to Salvage gear can be a lifesaver for freeing up space and getting important resources used in crafting.

Gear salvaging is also an important component for changing gear appearances when using Diablo 4's transmog. Salvaged gear unlocks new appearances for weapons and armor, giving players more ways to customize their appearance, especially if a good weapon or armor doesn't have the look a person wants. Players should also keep an eye on the item descriptions which indicates whether or not the appearance can be unlocked through salvaging.

How to Salvage

Players can head back to town after completing different quests. They will then need to find the blacksmith. There, they will find an anvil and that should be located on their map. Once the players have found the blacksmith they can talk with them and there will be a few different options available.

Salvage All Junk: This option is for salvaging all the different random pieces of loot a player finds. But the player will need to mark it as junk in order for it to be salvaged in this way.

Common: This will salvage all the common (white) items.

Magic: This will salvage all the common (blue) items.

Rare: This will salvage all the common (yellow) items.

All Items: As is suggested this will salvage everything except for legendary items. It is recommended that players really consider what they are doing when choosing this option. Especially early in the game.

Now more players choose to buy Diablo IV Items from online store, there are cheap price diablo 4 items for sale to Power Up. The loot players grab from their adventures account for most of their character's overall power. Buyers can tweak their character's build from kill speed to survivability by slotting in the right gear. Each gear slot in the game can roll with specific stats.

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