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For a sport as unapologetically and stereotypically meaty as football I'm unable to help but admire Mark Sanchez's determination to never fumbling about the opinions of anyone about his personal tastes. The problem with Madden 23 ltds the quote mentioned above is that Sanchez's hand -- or his use of it at least- has been far less efficient than the average Broadway performer. While he was an NFL starter for the Jets the team, he was generally ineffective as a quarterback, which didn't deter his team from signing him to a multi-million dollar contract. Jets of signing the quarterback up to a multi-million-dollar extension. And, let's not forget, the butt fumble.

The butt fumble happened on the national network's primetime Thanksgiving game played against an opponent from the division, one of three Jets errors that led to three Patriots touchdowns in the span of 52 seconds. It became the only sports phenomenon that became viral outside the world of sports fans; EVERYONE saw it.

This was basically the end for Sanchez as an Jet. Rex Ryan spent the rest of the season vacillating between Sanchez or Greg McElroy as the starter as neither made an argument to stay in the job. There was no argument to serve as a backup or even.

The following year, 2013. was Sanchez's last to play in New York. He suffered a shoulder injury while playing behind a temporary offensive line in the fourth quarter of a preseason game- the tabloids and sports radio went on about this -- and Ryan appointed rookie Geno Smith to be the starting quarterback while Sanchez got his shoulder back. In October, Sanchez had season-ending surgery, a precursor to his eventual release in the spring of next year. It was a saviorous end to an ignominious two-season.

And yet.

Sanchez What to expect from Mark Sanchez this timeDanny KellyMark Sanchez will get another chance as a starting quarterback in the Madden NFL 23. Danny Kelly has a look to see if things be better for Chip Kelly's Eagles.Be thankful that you have ButtfumbleRodger ShermanTwo seasons ago, we had the most remarkable Thanksgiving moment of all. Sanchez What are we expecting to see from Mark Sanchez this time Be thankful for Buttfumble

There is his playoff success which includes He made two AFC Championship Game appearances in the initial two seasons in the league. He also scored four road playoff wins throughout the process. They are not a good metric for evaluating quarterbacks, however Mark Sanchez notched as buy Madden 23 ltds many games in his first two seasons as Russell Wilson. A different metric that is flawed However, it's still. That's not nothing.

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