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Crafting is a feature of Diablo 4 and there are numerous different crafting materials in the game. Crafting materials include plants, skins, salvaged materials, monster parts. One such crafting material category is Ores in Diablo 4, in which players must use to upgrade/craft gear at the Blacksmith and Jeweler. This guide explains everything we know so far about Ores in Diablo 4, including the locations in the world of Sanctuary, how you can get more quickly, some spicy lore descriptions, and more.

Unlocking the Occultist

The journey to crafting your perfect item begins with unlocking the Occultist. To do so, you need to reach level 25 or clear any dungeon, after which you will obtain the Codex of Power. This Codex contains various legendary aspects that you can slot into your gear. However, these aspects will always have the lowest possible stat rolls. To create the perfect item, you’ll want to find legendaries with higher stat rolls.

The Jeweler

In case you want to upgrade the jewels or gems that you have obtained during your journey through the world of Diablo 4, then the Jeweler is your go-to vendor. And here are all the services that this vendor provides.

The Jeweler can upgrade your jewels by increasing the amount of resistance or buffs that the specific jewel offers.

Players can also visit this vendor to craft Diablo 4 Legendary Items such as Rings and Amulets.

In case you wish to socket or remove your gems from your armor, then that can also be done by visiting the Jeweler.

Crafting Materials

There are currently 17 different crafting materials in the open beta of the game. These crafting materials are further divided into four categories.


Monster Parts



One interesting thing to note is that these crafting materials do not consume any inventory storage so you can pick these materials up to your heart’s content while not worrying about running out of inventory storage. These crafting materials are also picked up automatically. Only equipment and gems need to be picked up manually.


Enchanting gear to change the stat rolls and craft Sigils which are required to open Nightmare Dungeons. In addition, you can imprint Legendary Aspects onto rare/legendary gear to customize your build with powerful effects.


What can the Alchemist do?

The alchemist gives you the possibility to create potions, elixirs, crafting materials and incenses for your character. This way, it’s no problem to increase your attack speed or experience point gain, for example. You can also strengthen your healing vial to get even more healing effects out of it.

How to unlock the alchemist

Once your character reaches level 10, you will receive a priority quest whose goal is to visit the Alchemist in Kyovashad. Once there, you’ll in turn receive another quest, which would be to upgrade your base healing vial to a “tiny healing vial”. If you also pay 8 Gallowvine on it, the efficiency of the healing vial increases by another 30 health points.

In addition to a specific options menu for the alchemist, you’ll also find an overview on site that provides information about the level progress of your vial. This overview also tells you which materials are needed next to level up the vial. After you have upgraded your life-giving vial for the first time, the alchemist’s crafting menu will be available.

Elixir crafting, effects, and costs

Elixirs are, of course, common consumable items. What is special about them, however, is that they always provide your character with certain buffs for the duration of 30 minutes. Such buffs, as always, can be elemental resistances, speed boosts for your attacks, and much more. This certainly sounds great, but unfortunately only one elixir effect can be active at a time. On the plus side, this effect will last beyond the death of your adventurer.

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