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SubmersibleBoreholePumpSuppliers Submersible motor pumps from the QJ(R) series are an example of an energy-saving product that adheres to NEMA or national standards. It is the primary apparatus for extracting water from deep wells. The QJ(R)series submersible pump set comprises of a YQS type submersible motor and QJ(R) submersible pump, which are coupled together to work in a deep well. A control panel featuring over-load, short-circuit, phase failure, and other protective functions operates the pump set. Near the well, a control panel has been installed. The bowl and impeller of the QJ(R)series submersible pump are locked to the shaft by collets or keys, and the segments are joined and held in place by bolts or flat fasteners. A non-return valve is installed on top of the pump; the lower head pump does not have a non-return valve. The rotor is kept in line by a water-lubricating guide bearing, a water-lubricating bearing bears the downward force, a sand guard, and a diaphragm for pressure adjustment fit make up the type YQS submersible motor's structure. See the operation handbook for the control panel for the complete electric principle diagram, power in, and connection diagram. This submersible motor pump has a basic design, a compact footprint, is lightweight, is easy to install and maintain, operates reliably and safely, is highly efficient, etc. By bringing water from beneath to the surface, it is frequently utilized in farm irrigation, water supply-drainage systems for factories and mines, and providing people and animals with drinking water in plateau or hilly locations. It can take the place of a long shaft deep well pump and has the advantage of a high head that the latter cannot. By altering the material, this pump can also be utilized for spring and in seawater. The lowest frequency that can be chosen if the pump is operated via frequency transfer should not be less than 25Hz. If the set of pumps utilized in Operation Environment: 1. Three-phase, 50Hz, 380V-415V, 5%, A.C. power source. Prior to ordering, please specify any additional power sources. 2. Distilled water ought to be used to fill the motor (or clean water). 3. The pump set must be immersed beneath the dynamic water level, with a minimum of 3 meters separating the motor from the well's bottom. However, the pump set's submerged depth cannot go deeper than 70 meters. 4. The water shouldn't be heated above 30 掳C. 5. The weight ratio of solid stuff shouldn't be higher than 0.01%. 6. Water's PH level should range from 6.5 to 8.5. 7. There shouldn't be more than 1.5 mg/l of H2S in the water. 8. Water should not contain too much chlorine.SubmersibleBoreholePumpSuppliers website:

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