This leads nicely to our next mistake from Emily's blog

Now, of course, there's a chance that you're not WoTLK Gold going be the best or perhaps you're not likely to conquer the dungeons that quickly. This is kind of an irrelevant issue. However, the benefits of having the experience of smaller groups is absolutely incredible. If you don't have a friend that you would like to take to other dimensions within you , and you're in the right comfort, do consider giving it a go as it can be incredibly rapid in getting you to a level.

This leads nicely to our next mistake and that is to never let your friends go for the sake of being the best. There is a good chance that you aren't going to get realm first, as people already have done the preparation work to a higher level than you will have done in the case of watching your guide just a few days prior to the day of launch.

That being said, that doesn't mean that we don't work to become more efficient. One thing we tend to think about in our optimizations can be the level of experience per hour that we'll encounter when we face lockouts or other issues similar to that. However, I've heard of several individuals who are ignoring their friends not factoring in the challenges of making those social connections going forward as you're going to be cheap WoTLK Classic Gold looking for people for your raids and Dungeons.

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