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In the same way you might also be able to get WoTLK Gold an effect that cloaks you even if combat isn't taking place right maybe I'm like the last time you cast or something similar, which would waste a lot of the power of your spell. This could go as both ways. The bottom line is this: this is the table that is used when epic gems are out to be used for jewelry crafting. You will see that tailoring is accomplished a lot ahead.

If you really want to you could consider getting into engineering and Jewel Crafting until epic gems are out and then you can go into the field of engineering and creating tailoring. 

But I'd advise you to just pick up a engineering tiller and not worry about it. That's going to last you the entire expansion. And , as I said earlier, this graph doesn't consider the stacking of CDs that could be buy WoTLK Gold caused by the proc from the Kochen chat.

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