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PCB Manufacturing - PCB Assembly Manufacturer Since 1996, POE has become a globally well-known Turn-Key PCB assembly company for low-to-mid volume PCB fabrication and assembly services. With imported automatic production machines and our professional international sales team, purchasing team and engineering team in China Shenzhen, HK, USA and Canada, which allows us to provide low-cost one-stop PCB Assembly Services, including PCB fabrication,components procurement,PCB assembly,program,cable assembly,quality testing and enclosu... more
Electrostatic protection in the process of Pcba processing is a systematic project.SMT PCBA processing plants should first establish and inspect basic anti-static projects, such as ground wires and floor mats, benches, and environmental anti-static projects. Because once the equipment enters the workshop, if the environment does not meet the requirements and re-rectification, it will cause a lot of trouble. After the foundation project of the smt patch processing production line is built, if it is a dedicated site for long-term produ... more
Automotive communication module circuit board is the support of circuit components and devices in automotive products. It provides electrical connections between circuit components and devices. It is a basic component of various electronic equipment in automobiles. Its performance is directly related to electronic equipment. The quality is good or bad. With the development of the information society, various electronic products often work together, and the interference between them is getting more and more serious. Therefore, the el... more