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Basically, Instagram is a mobile app where you can share photos and videos. Facebook-owned Instagram is a social networking app now available on the desktop too. Like Facebook, to use Instagram you have to create the account on Instagram after that you will get news feed and other Instagram features which you can use. Nowadays Instagram is very popular worldwide and more than 800 million monthly daily active users. It does not matter how Instagram is famous, everything has two sides. Tha’s why here I am writing about advantages and disadvantages of Instagram.

Advantages of Instagram

Instagram is free to use: Instagram is free to use like other social networks. Anyone can download, install and use Instagram on their smartphone. I always say free has power and that’s why Instagram gain popularity. It is the main advantage of using Instagram for your personal and business purpose. It’s free so it reduces your initial cost of business. You can use all features of Instagram freely so you can post, follow, DM freely on Instagram. 

Instagram is fastest growing social network: Instagram is fastest growing social network that has grown widely in recent years. Instagram reached 800 million monthly active users in 2017 while it has 500 million active users daily.  More than 52 million photos uploaded per day on Instagram. Instagram has more than 60% users from outside the USA. If you are looking to promote your business on  Instagram then it is the wise decision.

Best for Photo sharing: The main feature of Instagram is photo sharing. A picture is worth a thousand words like that images convey more information than written words. Instagram is the best platform for photo sharing so if you are photographer or graphics designer then Instagram is the best choice for you. You can promote your brand or products visually on Instagram. 

Build community using Instagram: You can follow people on Instagram and people will follow back you on Instagram. It is best for building an interactive following community. You can comment and tag people in your Instagram posts. Instagram has instant messaging feature too and it is called as ‘Direct Message’. You can connect or contact your followers or your followers can contact you via DM. It means Instagram is also best choice to build your community and share your work with like-minded people. You can also use hashtags in Instagram posts to boost your reach. Now you can follow and unfollow hashtags on Instagram. 

Security and privacy policy: Instagram has very useful security and privacy policy and it is one of the most important advantages of Instagram. Like other social networking sites, Instagram has also the age limit for users. Persons over 13 years old can create an account on Instagram or use Instagram.

You can keep your Instagram profile private. While picking this choice other users who need to see the photographs, videos or some other component of the profile ought to send a follow-up demand to the user with the private account. This user has the authority to accept or reject such demand.

In case of the user, violates terms and conditions or privacy policy of Instagram can ban or block a user from posting on Instagram. You have also option to block, unfollow and report people to Instagram.

Best for visual marketing: Instagram is the best photo and short video sharing platform. Nowadays visual marketing is latest in this era. Images play a vital role in visual marketing and images being part of the business marketing method.For each result of business, actually pictures was an absolute necessity medium for visual advertising to make simple for customer thought about the product and through Instagram, the merchant should know how to give an extraordinary data as indicated by the pictures rather than only a plain content of data.

Advantages of Instagram for students: Instagram also provides educational benefits so here we are covering both advantages and disadvantages of Instagram for students. If you are interested in photography then Instagram is the best place to learn and improve your photography skills. Some students started learning photo editing tools due to Instagram.

Instagram improve your language skill. Students use Instagram to share opinions and views on different topics. Students also can take part in the group discussion on Instagram by taking part in a group activity where here each student asks the others to comment on a photo or video. Thus students can improve their language skill using Instagram.

Students can share knowledge on Instagram. Students can share knowledge via multimedia or students can do two-way communications using DM. Nowadays Instagram has a poll option so students can use a poll option to discuss different topics with other students. these are the advantages of Instagram for students.

Disadvantages of Instagram

Instagram has a lot of advantages but it also some disadvantages too. Here we are discussing some disadvantages of Instagram.

Mobile friendly design:  Instagram was created for mobile use only.  The Instagram design is more suitable for mobile phones and tablets. Instagram has a desktop version too but it has limited features as compared to a mobile version of Instagram. It means to use Instagram you have at least smartphone.

Addictive: Like other social networking sites Instagram is also addictive. Once you get addictive on Instagram it will cost you a lot. It will consume your valuable time. 

Rely on images: Instagram depends on images. If your images are attractive then you will get more Instagram likes, comments, and followers. If the photos are not attractive enough, then the account will not have as many followers and if your business is virtual then your business will fail.

Image stealing problem: Your followers can easily view and access your Instagram images. You can’t keep every image private so other users can easily steal your images. It means if you have quality and professional images there is always a fear of someone stealing your images.

Image Privacy: Image privacy is another disadvantage of Instagram. You can’t set the privacy of each photo differently. They are all either private or public.

Advertising Issue: Numerous stores depend on Instagram to promote their items and services. In some cases, these accounts turn to false advertising to draw in clients. This can produce doubt with respect to the clients. It means Instagram has false advertising and it is also one disadvantage of Instagram.

Disadvantages of Instagram for students: As I mentioned earlier, Instagram is addictive and it will consume your time. If you are a student and you are the heavy user of Instagram it will waste your valuable time. For students time is money so use Instagram with caution.

Some students left their studies and destroy their career to become the influence on Instagram. Don’t do that because you can become Instagram influence any time after complete your study.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram.If you know any other advantages and disadvantages of Instagram share with us in a comment box and don’t forget to share this valuable information with other people.

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