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RuneScape 3 has been a significant improvement from the way RuneScape was. It was a long time ago that RuneScape was a point-and-click combat style. Other than the ability to make use of the Special Attack with certain weapons Combat was a largely boring experience for the players. It was the Evolution of Combat update changed everything by giving a variety of new abilities to the arsenal of players OSRS gold.

Abilities can be set up in an action bar players are able to utilize keyboard shortcuts to unleash a variety of and deadly combat skills which can significantly influence the outcome of a battle. While the player base may have been divided by the latest update, those who prefer to engage in Revolution combat should be aware of the top melee options that are available. The RuneScape game is a well-done game, and despite its age, it matches the MMOs launched in 2021.

Berserk is the most powerful ability and is one of the most powerful options available to players in RuneScape 3. When it is activated, all damage from the player is multiplied by 20.4 seconds, which leads to huge damage-per-second (DPS) which can make a huge difference when caught in a difficult boss fight.

Players should take advantage of this option when beginning a boss encounter and observe as RuneScape's most formidable bosses are eliminated. When the ability is active it will cause 1.5x additional damage for all duration. Chaining this ability with Greater Flurry can result in Berserk having a shorter speed of cooldown, so it is advised for players to obtain Greater Flurry when they are planning to utilize Berserk regularly.

Dismember is an bleed based on strength capability that is extremely useful to players who like using the melee method of combat. When Dismember is activated it creates a an effect of bleeding on the opponent that can cause up to 188% weapon damage to an opponent for 6 minutes.

This is a high-DP ability that requires no effort to achieve, therefore players should absolutely be running the ability in their action bars whenever their levels and setup allow it to. The player should be aware that this can have a pretty long time limit of 15 seconds, making it necessary to supplement the arsenal of their players with other effective melee skills buy OSRS GP.

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