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When it comes to Starcraft II, , who provided more information about the choice to split the sci-fi, real-time strategic game in three distinct products. The announcement was greeted with a lot of excitement during the event, Starcract II will now be broken down into three separate games and being the Terran Campaign Wings of Liberty leading, then Zerg: Heart of WOW WoTLK Classic Gold the Swarm and finally Protoss: Legacy of the Void.

"The principal reason why we decided to create Starcraft II as a trilogy--rather than as we've done in prior games that have included three campaigns is the scale and size of our story that we were trying to create," commented World of Warcraft. "We discovered early that if we truly desired to tell an engaging, a layered story and have many characters and the various resources, it would end in a whole game to tell one campaign's story. Then we were confronted with the tough decision of'OK now what should we do? Do we return on using the World of Warcraft approach so that we can incorporate the three campaigns or do we just go ahead and take each race as a separate product""
to divide the game into three parts.

"One thing that result from the decision to launch as three games is that it only affects single-player campaigns," he said. "The multiplayer will remain fully integrated with the three races, which means there's no need to put any focus upon playing the Terrans in multiplayer, as opposed to Zergs and Protoss. The three races will all have full-featured, the same quantity of units, the same quantity of production behind all of them. Only the single player is affected by the decision to make the trilogy."

While the dust of the last conference BlizzCon 2008 settles little bits of information on Blizzard entertainment's plans for the future continue to leak out. In interviews that were published this in the last week, two executives of the publisher that is massively multiplayer offered details to Wired regarding what the coming few years hold for the publisher-developer.

The first it was World of Warcraft, executive vice president of game design for the Irvine California-based Blizzard. The executive was questioned about the date when the recently announced RPG World of buy WoTLK Gold Warcraft would appear in retail stores. At BlizzCon the game was made available as a playable version to the general public at first.

"Even even though it appears full, some of the content is not present," he said referring to the polished gameplay footage shown during the show. "We have a long way to go in order to create every single act in the game, and to put in all the quests as well as all the various creatures. There is lots of work to go through before we can call it something...It will be out following Starcraft II."

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