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It's the Winter Convergence Festival, which has begun to WOW WoTLK Classic Gold take place it is the game's inaugural annual event of the season. From December 16 through January 11. you will be able to earn Winter Tokens through repeated quests throughout Aeternum to unlock exclusive armor weapons, armor and much more in order to stop the wicked Winter Warrior from plunging the landscape into the terrifying Forever Winter. Every day, you'll get three gifts through the Tree of Light found in every one of the game's settlements. The trees for each town is improved upon completion of Town Project quests, which can boost your daily reward.

World of Warcraft 's first major event within the game will leave a lasting impression on Aeternum as well. Strange and dangerous ice caves have been discovered throughout the world of games and will remain until the event has ended to allow players to explore.

However, the game's Ice-themed event is only the beginning of the iceberg when is about the changes that have been made in the course of World of Warcraft 's most recent update. The majority of the game's features World of Warcraft has been altered in some way including weapon balance to crafting adjustments.

Significant changes to content in the endgame and gearing are among the most noticeable. The patch introduces the brand new Expertise system, which will require players of max level to boost their Expertise level on a per-gear slot basis to maximize the efficiency of their gear. This system first came under broad criticism by members of the World of Warcraft community, however after a few tweaks to ensure that crafted equipment or items obtained from quests wouldn't be able to apply this new set of Expertise guidelines, gamers appeared to have embraced the new rules. In addition, the update adds an crafting element in the endgame, known as Gypsum which is gained through participation in various endgame activities. It should also give players more choice in advancing their equipment and Expertise levels.

For what else the patch has to offer it is long. New quests in WOW WoTLK Classic Gold a variety of regions as well as a brand-new housing-themed questline, were added, as well as an updated trade skill progression system, nerfs for a number of high-level enemies who were too difficult in the previous patch, and many more.

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