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Here are some Boston tips on the second and final boss. Be sure to get your stacks. This means that when the second boss vanishes and teleports, he's always in the same spot to be killed and maximize uptime. The final boss stacking up can help you during the insanity stage, everyone in the group will need to fight the image of their group members when somebody kills all four their images. The images will then be released and helps others within their group. By stacking them up, it means that you are able to keep all of these images down making the fight more efficient.

For those who are running guns drag, it's a very straightforward dungeon without a lot of surprises. At first, you'll encounter a large number of trolls. Fire weavers are your mage mops doing AoE damage. They should be killed first. Medicine men are healers and should be prepared to break those heels. Other than that they are simple and can be chained boiled efficiently. The Jakari Gollum and the living Mojo packs are interesting because the Golems use shockwave for rental accountability don't stand in front of them and then the living Mojo will transform into little pools that cause harm if you stand in the puddles.

Also, avoid getting caught up in the bad things WoTLK Gold. It is a waste of mana and likely to cause you to go slower. The last mobs of note within this are right prior to the boss's final attack and could be very dangerous in the event that your position is not correct. The rhinos charge and use an ominous roar that is a 10 yard silence since there's four healers who isn't paying attention. Standing too close to them could lead to an injury due to the silences chaining the Raiders on the rhinos use a cleave . Make sure you're facing away from the group. This is it for the gun dragon.

The bosses are genuinely simple The majority of the junk is simple, so be sure to have fun in there. For the final dungeon and cleave, a few of you go to guard pinnacle. The initial Pax to begin the dungeon featured the death secrets of the cleavers in this dungeon. If you've learned that you shouldn't be standing in front of them . after that, the series buy WoTLK Classic Gold will be healers that you must watch for breaks to increase the speed of the kills.

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