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Q: So, we’ve had RuneScape, and then RuneScape 2 and 3, we’ve OSRS gold had DarkScape, and now the cell launch this summer time. My query is, what’s next? Will fanatics be capable of wander around their dwelling rooms and be transported to blocky 2001 Gelinor in VR?

MC: I think we already did that, briefly. I consider at one of the first RuneFests I went to, there was a VR version which changed into playable, and that become quite enjoyable. I’d say right now, VR isn't always something we’re actively exploring. For me, it’s approximately where do you visit find the following generation of RuneScape gamers. We strive to observe in which our players are.

MC: It’s bizarre, RuneScape’s a sport which you recognize you need it to be available from anyplace you are, anything you’re doing, and whatever you’re gambling on. So, we’re definitely exploring other alternatives that it lends itself to well. There are specific complications with things like Xbox and ps in terms of controls, however with the switch in which you’ve were given touchscreen we’ve accomplished some of the foundation there as nicely.

MC: No promises or whatever assured, however I’d love to see it to be had. We talk lots approximately cross play as in reality vital, however to me it’s a recreation that must be available wherever you are, some thing you’re on. So, nearly “platform agnostic” is my imaginative and prescient for us.

LP: I completely suppose that’s where we see the future being. I maintain saying to the mobile team, we’ll sooner or later evolve past the cell group. We’ll turn out to be maybe the “go-platform group” or something, however I hold telling them RuneScape is a marathon, it’s now not a dash. 

We’ve been going for 20 years, with steady development over those years. This is just set to hold we’re buy OSRS GP just doing on more systems and we’re making the game understandable and on hand for even greater humans for the subsequent two decades.

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