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Bellsouth Contact Number

Bellsouth email is one such email that is used by people all around the world. However, this email service is known for its incredible features which makes it most loved email. There are times when people face trouble while using this email, and one such error is your Bellsouth email temporarily got locked, and you are not able to login. You can fix this error by reading the solution steps given in this blog, or you can reach out to experts by calling Bellsouth customer care phone number.

What Are Reasons for Your Bellsouth Email to Get Temporarily Locked?

If you are searching for the reasons that are responsible for the occurrence of the error Bellsouth email get temporarily locked then you can see the list given below:

If you entered the incorrect login credentials again and again.

If you send the email larger than the size limit of Bellsouth email.

When hackers try to login to your email account.

Your account has reported the occurrence of various suspicious activity.

If you are receiving a large number of spam emails.

If you have entered the wrong settings of IMAP or POP3.

Steps to Fix When Bellsouth Email Is Temporarily Locked

When your account is temporarily locked then after 12 hours only you can get access to your account. However, if you want to quick access to your account, then you can take the help of Sign-in helper tool. By using the following methods, you can login to your account:

Step 1

Visit the website of Bellsouth Email on your web browser.

Then click on the Locked account and then go to the page of Sign-in helper.

You have to enter the email address of your account and then enter the recovery email address to get the password reset link.

You will receive the reset link on your recovery phone number.

Now follow the link to create the new password and get your account unlocked quickly.

Step 2

When you login to your SBCGlobal email account, then your username and password get stored in the server and form the cookie. You have the right to change the preference of your email account with the cookie saved. The cookie will automatically get deleted if you enter the wrong password of your email account. If you cross the limit of accessing your email by entering the incorrect password, then your account will get suspended for approx. 12 hours.

You can unblock your email account by creating fresh cookies in the SBCGlobal email server. Once you have deleted all the data from the server cookies, then the login details of your account will get refreshed.

If the above methods, does not help you in fixing the issue of your account then you can reach out toBellsouth tollfree number that is available at all hours. The experts are there 24*7 round the clock to resolve the issue faced by you.

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Bellsouth Technical Support Number

Microsoft Outlook is a smart web app that allows you to sync multiple email accounts and access your data from one platform. If you use a third party email account, like Bellsouth, you will need to change some of the server settings on the app or the program before you can add your email account to Outlook. This blog will give you an overview of the steps you need to follow as well as the server settings you need to enter when setting up your Bellsouth account. Since the steps to configure Outlook may differ based on the device you use you should call the Bellsouth customer care phone numberin case you have any doubts about the process.

Server Settings for Bellsouth Email

When you decide to configure Bellsouth Email with Outlook you will need to enter the correct IMAP and POP settings. Here’s a look at the relevant configuration settings you need to setup your account:

Email protocol: POP3 email settings

·        Inbound server:

·        Inbound port: 995

·        SSL: Yes

·        Outbound server:

·        Outbound port: 465

Email protocol: IMAP email settings

·        Inbound server: 

·        Inbound port: 993

·        SSL: Yes

·        Outbound server:

·        Outbound port: 465 or 587

Depending on the email protocol you select you can make a note of the settings mentioned above and refer to the steps below to complete the configuration process.

Steps to configure Bellsouth Email with Outlook

Once you have the relevant server settings you can use the ‘Advanced Set Up’ method to connect your Bellsouth email account with Outlook. You can refer to the steps given below to manually configure your account:

·        Step 1: Open Outlook and select the File option, then press ‘Add Account.’

·        Step 2: Enter your Bellsouth email address and select ‘Advanced options.’

·        Step 3: Check the box that reads‘Let me set up my account manually.’

·        Step 4: Click‘Connect’ and choose the account type you want to use.

·        Step 5: Enter the incoming and outgoing server settings given above.

·        Step 6: Type your Bellsouth email password in the field provided and press ‘Connect.’

If you need help setting up your account or if you need clarification about the steps mentioned above you can call the Bellsouth tech support numberand ask for assistance. Experts and trained technicians are available 24 hours a day to help you troubleshoot any error connected to your Bellsouth email account.

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Bellsouth Customer Care Phone Number


If you are not able to use Bellsouth email on your iPhone, then there can be various reasons because of which this error may occur. However, this error can be resolved quickly by following the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this blog, or you can call Bellsouth Customer Support Number  for availing the help from the experts. The certified technicians are available at all time to assist their users in fixing the issue faced by them while using the Bellsouth email.

Why Is Bellsouth Email Not Working In iPhone?

There can be various reasons that can be responsible for not working condition of Bellsouth Email on iPhone. Some of them are:

üIncorrect server settings.

üWrong configuration method.

üIncorrect username and password.

üIMAP/POP settings error.

Ways to Fix Bellsouth Email Not Working In iPhone

You can fix the issue of Bellsouth email not working in iPhone by following the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps:

üYou need first to see whether you have an active and strong internet connection on your iPhone.

üThen you have to check whether the email configuration of Bellsouth email is accurate or not.

üAlways remember that you need a strong password to protect your Bellsouth email.

üTry to install the good antivirus software that can protect your iPhone as well as your email from all malicious programs.

How to Check Whether the Bellsouth Email Configuration Are Entered Correctly in The iPhone?

One of the most common thing that you have to check while fixing the issue of not working email in the iPhone is to check the email configuration.

üFirst,you need to open the Settings of your iPhone and then tap on the General icon.

üNow tap on Reset>Reset Settings.

üNow make sure that your Bellsouth account is setup correctly. Go to Settings > Mail icon> Accounts > Bellsouth email.

ü Check whether you have entered the correct username and password. Even you have to see whether the incoming and outgoing mail server is correctly entered.

POP/ IMAP                    -        imap

Outgoing server             -

Outgoing port                -        465

Requires sign-in             -        Yes

Incoming server              -

Incoming port                -        993

SSL (security) incoming-        ssl

Even after applying these steps, you are not able to use Bellsouth email on your iPhone then you need to take the assistance of the professionals via Bellsouth tollfree number   that is available at all 24 hours. The technicians will first listen to your issue, and then they will make sure to resolve this error in a simple way so that your Bellsouth Email can work perfectly fine in iPhone.

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Bellsouth Customer Service Phone Number

Are you tired of the Bellsouth email not working error? Is your Bellsouth email giving you a headache? If yes, then you need first to understand the cause of the error. If the is not working in Outlook, then you have to get rid of this issue. You can go through this blog to fix the problem, or you can reach out to professionals by calling Bellsouth customer support phone number who is there to help you. The technicians will guide you in solving the error at hand so that you can use the email account efficiently.

How to fix not working in Outlook error?

For fixing the issue of not working in Outlook, you need to follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps:

*    Change the Bellsouth Account password

You can change the email password of your Bellsouth account if you are not able to remember the correct password. Even after changing the password, if the problem persists, then you have to create the secure mail key so that you can secure your Bellsouth email account.

*    Check the firewall setting of antiviruses

Sometimes, the firewall of your Bellsouth email account can be the reason of this error, in a situation like this you need to disable the firewall settings. Remember, you have only to disable the firewall setting of the installed antivirus temporarily.

*    Check whether the account is configured correctly or not.

If the configuration of the Bellsouth email is not correct, then you have to make a few changes in the settings. Follow the tips below to make the add Bellsouth email in Outlook once again by deleting the previous one:

* Go to Outlook > File> Add Account.

* Click on the option of Manual setup or additional server types and then tap on Next button.

* Tap on POP or IMAP and then Next.

* You have to enter your email address and the display name of your account.

* Then you need to fill the server information:


Inbound Server -                              Port- 995

SMTP Server-                                  Port- 465

Required SSL- Yes


Inbound Server -                      Port- 993

SMTP Server -                         Port - 465 or 587

Required SSL– Yes

ü You have to see whether the configuration entered by you is correct or not by clicking on the option of Test Account Settings.

*    Repair the Outlook Profile

If your Outlook profile is corrupted, then also you can face the error of Bellsouth email not working. You can fix this issue by doing the quick tips:

* Go to Outlook > File>Info

* Now you need to select your Account and then click on the Account Settings.

* Then change the folder to Outlook Data File and then do the same to Inbox.

* At last, save the changes made by you.

If the problem persists, then you have to call experts via Bellsouth Customer Service Number that stays available 24*7. You can speak with the qualified technicians who can help you in resolving the error efficiently.

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Mozilla Firefox Support Phone Number


Despite not being on top, Firefox has maintained its own place in this networking world. It has been used by a majority of individuals all around the world and supposed to be an excellent alternative for Chrome and Edge. But despite its popularity and unmatchable features it may hamper few issues and crash when you might sit down to do some critical work. You might get a pop-up stating ‘A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.’ In order you are having the same glitch while working on it, you can either follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps or get on a telephonic conversation with the experts at the Mozilla Firefox technicalsupport. They are trained and qualified to assist you with all your queries and that too 24*7.


1.      Disable the Hardware Acceleration

ü  Start with launching the browser and then try opening ‘about: preferences’ URL by typing it down on the address bar. Alternatively, you can also opt for the three-horizontal line on the top right of the page and click on the ‘Option’ tab.

ü  Now, scroll down under the ‘General’ section in order to locate the ‘Performance’ option.

ü  Firefox will automatically enable the ‘Use recommended performance setting’ option. 

ü  Then, disable the option to further hidden possibilities.

ü  And finally, disable the ‘Hardware Acceleration when available’ option. 

ü  Just close your browser now and try relaunching it.


2.      Disable Smooth Scrolling

ü  Just like when you land on the ‘Preference’ page, below that you will find the ‘Browsing’ section.

ü  There, uncheck two options that are – ‘Use auto scrolling’ and ‘Use smooth scrolling’ options.

ü  And then close the browser and relaunch it.


3.      Disable the Extension like the Ad Blocker and VPN

This can be a significant cause after the Firefox upgrade which takes place automatically to the latest version. Extensions like AdBlocker and VPN are surely the major causes for a browser to crash down. So, in case you have these, you can disable them to fix this issue.


4.      Delete the Cookies

ü  Firstly go to the ‘about.preferences#privacy’ page.

ü  Then, scroll down to ‘Cookies and Site Data’ tab.

ü  Finally, click on the ‘Clear Data’ option in order to delete all the stored cookies on Firefox.


5.      Remove the Proxy Settings

ü  Start by going to “about:preferences#general” page and then scroll to the bottom of the page.

ü  Then, click on the “Settings” tab, which is against the “Network Settings” section.

ü  This will open the “Connection Settings” pop-up.

ü  Now, choose the “No proxy” option.

ü  Finally, click “OK” in order to close the settings.


Hope these troubleshooting steps might have helped you in resolving the error. In case you are still stuck on the same page, you can talk to the expert technicians at the Mozilla Firefox tech support . They are having a piece of sound knowledge and experience in helping their customers with all of their queries.


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