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Honestly, we stumble upon the idea of selling our gold jewelry for two reasons- a quick payout with cash against gold or to get rid of the unpleasant memories. Whether is the need for some extra cash, financial crunch or a bad breakup, there comes a time when you are ready to give out your prized piece. Jewelry is a gift that stays forever but, unforeseen circumstances could lead to a decision of selling it. So, we are here to determine the

whether it’s the right time to sell your jewelry yet.

You are reading it because you want to find the best buyer of gold in Delhi NCR and we are here to tell you that there are ways to make the stressful job easier. So, read on as arming yourself with the necessary knowledge will take you a long way.

Take note of the signs

Maybe it’s time to actually sell your jewelry, if your jewlery box is a dust gatherer. Any type of unwanted but, valuable piece allows you to refinance other aspects like mortgage, a vacation or paying off debt.

Ask yourself some questions before taking cash for gold services:

1. Have you worn this piece at all in the past years?

2. Is this piece related to an unpleasant memory?

3. Is this piece still in trend?

4. Does letting go of this piece takes the burden of an unwanted emotion off your shoulders?

5. Does this piece helps in unburdening yourself from the past baggage of debt?

If, you answered ‘yes’ for even three of these questions, then it’s time you look for buyer of gold in Delhi NCR.

Is your Jewelry Worth the look?

When selling jewellery, Delhi NCR especially, you need to make sure that your jewellery is worth selling. With a plenty of ways to sell gold jewellery for cash but, you need to understand which will give you the best profit. Just like, stones and diamonds, jewellery also, has signs to determine its worth.

When you are ready, how to sell your gold jewellery for cash?

With an idea of how much your jewellery is worth, get familiar with what is out there in the market. You will come across a plethora of options where appraisers will be ready to give you instant cash, but do not settle with the first one you find. There is no harm in finding the best bet and it is much more than just typing “Where to sell jewellery near me” and clicking on the first link. Be knowledgeable about the industry you are navigating. Put in the effort as the buyer would also be willing to negotiate the price to reach a common goal.

Be prepared emotionally before you proceed to give it to the buyer. With these tips in mind, you can be sure to keep your visit with the jewellery buyer a pleasing and gratifying one.

For more information and honest pricing on your jewellery, set up an appointment for today!

Jewels Planet is the premier brand, which offers accurate and comprehensive value for your precious metals be it, gold, silver, and diamonds, etc. As our tagline suggests quick, easy, and risk-free, we constantly thrive for giving the best rates for your jewelry, Jewel Planet is trusted and reputed organization where we help in procuring the best possible buying price, we are also in for Cash against gold, we have served thousands of satisfied customers all across the country. We have been accredited with 5 stars rating by prestigious and online Google for utmost satisfaction and finest service in the concerned domain among our customer base in NCR and Delhi region.

Jewel Planet is ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we began our journey in the year 2014, since the inception of the company, and we have been bestowed with several accolades, and most importantly the trust and satisfaction of our strong customer base.

Why Jewel Planet only for selling precious metals

Jewel Planet is a group of trained brains, and with concerned expertise in the related field, we rigorously train our executives to offer best to customers, we understand and cater best possible service by offering the best price for their valuables. We work professionally according to the guidelines of market and government regulations. Gold and other precious metals have great importance in our tradition and society. Gold has always been considered as one of the best sources of funds in an emergency, we appreciate and respect the hard-earned valuables by offering the best price through an extremely transparent manner, trust us, and we are here to help you always.

People seek trustworthy and professional lenders to pawn their valuables for instant cash, unfortunately, the fraternity is full of cheats and opportunists, Jewel Planet is the answer to this solution, and we transparently provide quality service at any cost. Jewel Planet is one of its kinds in jewelry buying and cash for gold services, we have a reputation of offering the best possible price for your valuables if compared with others, several positive reviews from our satisfied customers is prime proof of it.

Our services

Every time you walk in at our store, we offer a wide range of services that are transparent, trustworthy, and unique. We assure you of our integrity while selling your valuables or pledging it. Some of our highlighted services are:-

Best prices

We offer comparatively the best price of your gold, silver, or diamond in the entire market. Sell your valuables tension free for the best possible highest price.

Technologically assisted transactions

We are equipped with the latest German technology of non-destructive X-ray fluorescence to assess your gold for the best possible price.

Computerized gold testing

We test our gold and other values with the help of computerized gold testing with an instant report, we don’t believe in assessing your gold manually for any kind of inaccuracy.

Instant payment procedure

Once your gold and other valuables pass our test, we instantly clear your payments according to your convenience instantly, even via NEFT and RTGS.

Personal dealing

We deal with each and every customer personally, we don’t believe in offering lucrative deals over phone, email or messages.

Trained professionals

We have trained professionals to handle your queries regarding the selling process; we try to educate the customer about nuances of gold selling.

So next time if you are searching for genuine and best gold buyers or seeking cash for gold services, we Jewel Planet will assist you professionally with utmost care and respect. Get in touch with us for the best price of your valuables, as gold is a precious metal that can be extremely handy in case of an emergency, Jewel Planet offers the best price possible for selling or cash for gold.

Sometimes selling your precious metal gold leads you to a lot of hassles. The cash you get for your gold at times results in dissatisfaction and tends to be less as compared to your expectations. People are required to monetise their gold jewellery at the time crisis. But the cash they get against their gold holdings hardly gives satisfaction to them as they often lack ideas about where to sell gold. So in order to avoid such problems in future we should know some basic things before selling gold for cash.

Get quotes from different gold buyers

At first you should search online about the gold buyers of your locality. In this process you will get some names popping up on the search page. Do visit their website to know more about them and read the reviews that the customers have written there. Now you will get some idea about the first step of selling gold for cash. You should not get the quotes over phone as this will lead to further hassles. Visiting the gold buying outlets personally will make you get the best cash for your gold. After getting few quotes you can now choose the one who offers you the best cash on gold.

Check the purity of your gold

Before selling your gold for cash, make sure you go for the purity check at the particular gold buying outlet. Getting your precious metal hallmark checked will definitely assure you the best cash on gold. Jewellery having a 916 hallmark ensures 91.6% purity of gold for 22 carat gold. If your jewellery is not hallmarked then you can go for the carat check metre.

Sell your gold at the right time

If you want to sell your gold in India then wait for the right time to come. In our country we notice a price rise in gold at the time of festivals and of course in marriage season. People usually buy gold jewellery in these two occasions. So this is the time you can get the best cash on gold jewellery that you want to sell.

Where to sell the gold?

Sometimes people end up in finding a wrong gold buying outlet where they don’t get the desired cash against their precious metal. As a result a huge percentage is deducted from the gold jewellery in the name of purity. So finding one genuine buyer is a matter of worry these days. If you are searching for the best gold buyers in Delhi then you are at the right place. At our outlet Jewels Planet we aim at maintaining honesty and 100% transparency with our customers. We are serving our customers for the last few years and are able to establish ourselves as one of the trusted and best gold buyers in Delhi. We do all the quality check and purity check right in front of the customers under the supervision of our trained staffs. Hence the customers are assured of getting best cash for their gold. We provide instant Cash/Cheque/IMPS/RTGS as per the customer’s request. If you are wondering about where to sell gold in Delhi then we have the right solution for you.

It includes the following concepts:

What do you mean by cash for gold?

It can be easily determined from the name itself i.e. getting cash or cash substitutes in place or in lieu of one’s gold reserves kept mainly in form of gold jewellery and/or biscuits and coins.

Considering “CASH FOR GOLD” process as a RECYCLING PROCESS.

Our nature sees recycling activities in varied forms. Similarly, obtaining money in cash variants against gold, which might have turned old or broken as in case of ornaments, can be put into more viable use.

Being updated with the current value of Gold.

However trustworthy a buyer may be, but the person selling his hard earned “gold” must always be up to date with the current value of gold. One might be in loss on selling gold during the time of its decreased value and vice versa when its value is at its peak. So making a wise choice is in your hands!

Getting realistic!

One should evaluate his/her personal pros and cons relating to the selling of gold and start being realistic in their opinion and judgement.

Determining a trustworthy shopkeeper.

Once you have taken a decision to sell gold for cash after analysing and critically evaluating its advantages and risks , you should undertake an in depth study of places where you can find the most apt amount in return of your gold in a legal manner . Finding an authentic buyer of your gold is a crucial step here.


One must not take an impulse decision regarding selling gold as this decision should be taken after having precise knowledge about the whole procedure.


Now speaking specifically about Delhi NCR, the capital of our country has a series of endless options and places for selling gold and getting cash in return.

The key to choosing the best out of the rest is research. Only after analysing different places of the city itself one should obtain cash for gold without getting thugged. One such dependable site has its name as the “JEWELS PLANET”, where one can be assured of getting justified price for their respective belongings.


One such initiative regarding honest selling of gold for cash is undertaken by this site. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company established in the year 2014 is a premier brand and one of the most trusted buyers of gold, silver, diamonds and other valuables with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Their motto is to provide best price and value for your precious gold jewellery be it in form of necklaces, bracelets, rings, chains, coins and all other forms. One must take their authenticity in consideration before selling gold.