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We Indians believe that, buying gold is very auspicious. On any celebration, buying gold is supposedly propitious. Also, gold is said to be a great savior in financial hard times. You can morgue or sell your gold when you are in need of hard cash. Many a times, you may inherit some gold jewelry and in present times you want to sell your old broken jewelry and want to buy some new designs. But what if you don’t have the bill or receipt of your old gold? Or what if you don’t have hallmarked jewelry? How and where you may get the exact value of your jewelry? How to decide the true value of it? These are the anxieties out of which a fraud jeweler may lure you and mislead you.

Now a days, you may find many gold buyers, who may offer you a tempting amount of cash against your old gold, and may don’t turn up to their offer, after knowing that you don’t have the bill.

Don’t worry. We at Jewels Planet don’t want any receipt or bill of your old jewelry. Why? Because, at Jewels Planet, we assess you’re gold and silver using a nondestructive technology, i.e X ray fluorescence technology, which is a German technology to test the purity of the gold and silver, which will testify your jewelry, on the spot. This machine generates a computerized lab tested certificate to authenticate the purity of the metal.

We are very meticulous to offer you the best value of your gold in Delhi NCR, as we know that when it comes to resell your valuables, you are left with very limited and ambiguous options.

We, at Jewels Planet, always encourage a simple, safe and secure gold buying and not imposing any hidden charges or terms and conditions to our customers and complete the deal on the spot by paying cash/RTGS/cheque or as per the customer’s requirement.


We are living in unprecedented times. There are many uncertain circumstances that befall upon us without giving any prior notice.


In India, gold constitutes a major percentage of our family wealth and is the most preferred asset. It is the working capital of families. For many decades, gold has proved to be the real asset of the Indian masses, a saviour against testing times.

In fact, gold isonly valuable in a crisis that can fetch you instant payment. Ever wondered how?


As per recent research, gold has outperformed stocks and bank deposits in the last five years. This yellow metal has an unparalleled resale value.


The market is bustling with miscellaneous gold buyers. Many such buyers lure customers into a honey-trap by claiming to offer the best value against their valuables. In this light, how to shortlist the gold buyer in Delhi who will give you the highest cash against gold?


When you browse online where to sell gold for cash near me, you are inundated with choices. You may also ask your family or friends about their experience with any gold buyers.


It does become baffling to choose the most preferred buyer of gold among the short-listed ones. Let us find out how to choose the best place where to sell gold in Delhi-

    Transparency- Selling your gold can be a pleasant or an intimidating experience depending upon the buyer you go to. If the gold buyer takes your gold to a separate chamber, outside your sight, then you might be very uncomfortable. Always seek a buyer who weighs, assesses, and performs the entire buying-selling procedure in front of you. You will always feel at ease in a friendly and transparent environment.

    Instant payment- One mostly sells gold under unforeseen circumstances that necessitate immediate payment. For this reason, it becomes important that you go to a place where there is no waiting for money. Look for a buyer who offers instant payment against your prized assets.

    Mode of payment- Every seller has their own preferential mode of obtaining payment. Some may ask for cash for goldwhile others may request payment through cheque, or an online NEFT/IMPS/RTGS transfer. A buyer who offers flexible payment methods to the buyer should be your ideal choice.

    Versatile- Versatility of the gold buyer is one of the top criteria that is integral to an established buyer. A buyer who buys silver & diamond along with gold jewellery is always a better option. You might strike a better deal by selling your silver or diamond valuables.

    Reviews and rating- In your quest for cash for gold in Delhi or Gurgaon, customer reviews are very crucial in determining the best buyer. Positive reviews and supreme Google rating are a testament to buyer’s flawless reputation in the market.

    Years in business- Distinguished buyers have years of fruitful experience and expertise that is a boon to their customers. They are well-versed with the nuances of the market and are extremely competent in their trade. Rather than a newly-appointed staff, they have a professional workforce. Their well-trained staff greets you with a smile and answers your queries with patience.


Keep these crucial tips in mind while looking for trustworthy names in the gold-buying business. By following these significant recommendations, you can rest assured that your gold has found its most trusted companion.

The Perfect Place to Sell Your Old Gold — Jewels Planet

Jewels Planet focuses on providing an effortless solution for encashing the valuable belongings of each and every customer. We work closer to providing cash against gold in delhiand a fair value for your valuable ornaments.

Also at Jewels Planet, we follow a fast, obvious and honest method of assessment and give instantaneous price for Gold and other treasured assets. Our comparison of gold is performed by using a non-destructive German computing device and immediate money is provided on the foundation of the same evaluation and we take the satisfaction in sharing a trip with you.

Now let’s move forward on how we work towards buying your precious gold. How We Work?

We follow an easy and fast process with complete transparency. But just to make you double sure, here is the description of our process step-by-step.

1. Bring Gold:The First step is not ours but yours and i.e., to get us your precious gold so that we can evaluate it.

2. Gold Evaluation:As soon as, customers hand over the gold to us, we’ll start analyzing it. It is a two step process which will take place in front of you only (and thus, complete transparency). First, our highly trained staff member will clean your gold and remove all dirt carefully and they will value your gold depending upon the weight and purity.

3. Payment:The final step is your payment. After our staff evaluates the gold item, we tell you the trueand bestvalue of it, as per the current gold rate. Your payment will be proceeded as soon as you give us a nod. You will get the payment with a medium of your choice. Till now, you must have very well understood that we have easiest gold buying process but if you are still in doubt, then why should you sell your gold to Jewels Planet only then keep reading. Why Jewels Planet Over Other Gold Buyers?

You must have been wondering that there are a number of other gold buyersout there but why should you still choose Jewels Planet over every other. You will get your answer very well after reading the below distinction on how Jewels Planet is different and above from traditional gold buyers online. Jewels Planet

· We, at Jewels Planet, use the latest (and non-destructive) technology to analyze the final value of your gold item. · We take the number up to 2 decimal points showing on the weighing machine. · We use the current market rate to value your precious gold. No Middlemen or gimmicks involved during the transaction.

Traditional Gold Buyer· Using touchstone to evalu

ate your gold which might depreciate your gold item. Also, doesn’t give accurate value. · Considers the lowest value on gold weighing machine. · Takes in consideration the lowest gold rate of the day. Middlemen and too many branches degrades the quality of service and compromises safety.

Get the Maximum Payouts for your Jewellery at Jewels Planet Only!!!Jewels Planet will give you an unparalleled and unprecedented experience of selling your old gold. Apart from old gold jewellery, we also deal with silver and diamonds. It just doesn’t matters whether it is a necklace, bracelet or ring; or whether it is a new or old piece, we always will be there to help you, a.k.a., to cater the cash for gold lajpat nagar service.

Gold is considered pious in India. It has been associated with the likeliness of Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of prosperity and wealth. Buying gold commemorates auspicious functions and celebrations. No doubt, pledging gold does not go too well with Indian community.

Gold is also a prized heirloom which is passed from one generation to another as a mark of family legacy.

Also, the skyrocketing prices of this metal make it a safe bet against odd times. Be it a medical emergency, financial crisis, business requirement, one can pledge gold to bail out of a perilous situation.

With changing times, the concepts of people have also changed. Pledging gold is no longer considered unacceptable. However, whether one should pledge gold or not is still a debatable topic.

Pledged Gold Vs. Instant Payment Against Gold

People realise that gold can be used as a security to meet their urgent cash requirements. There is no doubt that gold loan market is soaring today. Most banks as well as NBFC’s provide a loan against gold. But, the heavy amount of interest levied on pledged gold is a major deterrent. One may even lose their gold if the interest amount is not paid on time. For this reason, it is recommended that one opts for getting cash against gold after getting a proper evaluation of their gold.

Modern Outlook

With more and more people becoming educated and modern in their outlook, the inhibitions associated with selling gold for instant cash are being shunned. In urban dwellings, people prefer getting instant payment against their gold items. The idea of mortgaging their gold assets with banks or local jewellers does not go too well with their mindsets; they do not want to get entangled in the web of surmounting interest.

Hard Earned Saving/Investment

Many of us buy gold as an investment against a potential financial crunch. No wonder, we put our hard-earned income into it. Pledging gold at the times of need is an option but not really recommended as the process entails lot of complications. As a customer, even if you are being offered lucrative interest rates by the creditor, it is not in your interest to get trapped in the web of accumulating interest of pledged-gold. Moreover, credibility of the creditor is a concern too. Many a times, one may get cheated at the hands of creditor and end up paying huge interest against the pledged gold.

Financial Literacy

As a customer, one must understand the concept of gold-pledging clearly. The poor segment can be easily lured into the concept without actually understanding the underlying clauses of the process.

Sound financial literacy is required to be able to understand the technicalities involved in the process. Otherwise, it may pose a serious risk to the customer as it would be difficult to regain the pledged gold in case of a default. There are hidden charges, late-payment charges and many intricate obstacles that can torment you with a life long stress.

To summarize, it is suggested that in today’s scenario, you should not burden yourself under the load of ever-increasing interest of pledged gold. You should rather take a pledge to come out of a financial crisis by getting instant payment against gold by evaluating your gold for highest price.

Economy worldwide is dwindling. As the world reels under the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19, recession is pushed to the edge. With all major industries like Travel & Tourism, Food, Transportation, Entertainment, Automobile industry suffering a major setback, there is severe disruption to the economy all around the world.

During such odd times, people take refuge in their savings which can be in the form of extra cash, bonds, jewelry, and other assets. Gold assets are considered a safe haven during an emergency. One can get instant payment against gold by selling it to the right buyer of gold.

Gold market is fast evolving and there are many gold buyers who offer good prices against your gold items. Through this article we wish to provide you some information about how cash against gold can bail you out of a financial crunch and provide you an instant solution during an economic crisis.

1. A good store value- Gold is an assured asset to fall back upon when other forms of currency no longer work. It is a great insurance cover against inflation and economic instability. Past 50 year old trend shows that gold prices continue to rise even when stocks plunge during high inflation, or in an economic downslide.

Gold can be stored over long periods of time. It has a longer shelf life compared to currency notes, coins and other assets. It does not corrode like other metals. Unlike currency which lives under the constant threat of demonetisation, or bank notes going obsolete, gold has a history of holding its value.

2. Genuine buyers of gold- Selling gold to authentic buyers is absolutely legal and fetches you a great price. There are honest and reliable buyers in the market who offer instant payment against your gold assets.

3. All types of gold- Whether broken or old, used or new, junk or scrap, gold of all types can be sold for instant cash. Buyers of gold in the market may also buy your other assets like the silver and diamond jewellery, which can also be used as a hedge against a falling economy.

4. Quickest method- People need liquid cash for emergency situations which require quick payments. Other paper investments like stocks, mutual funds, bonds may take time to fetch you the best value. Selling gold is one of the easiest, quickest and safest ways to get funds in critical situations.

To Sum Up

Along with other methods of investment, gold should be an integral part of your investment portfolio. Studies have proved that value of gold increases during adverse events that cause traditional investments like paper currency, coins, bonds and stocks, to slump. Even though the price of gold may be volatile over a short period of time, it does maintain its value over the long term.

If you are still ambiguous about any fraudulent transactions, and worry about getting cheated by deceptive buyers, then you should do proper market research before heading out for a deal. If you go online, you will find a lot of brands and names pop up on your screen. We suggest you read Google reviews, Quora reviews, and ask friends and relatives, before making a choice.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Life has its ups and downs. Gold is one such metal that can be associated with good and bad times both. Just like you celebrate an occasion by buying gold, selling gold helps you pull out of a precarious situation.

One does not sell gold under ordinary conditions. There are certain unanticipated circumstances where one requires instant money. During such hard times, one might have no other option but to sell gold. Ironically, selling gold is not a plain sailing task and entails proper research.

There are hordes of buyers who offer cash for gold in Noida and its vicinity. How to sell gold when there are so many names in the market? It does become a trifle confusing for a layman to single out one name from the lot.

Let’s look into some parameters that will help you in filtering your search for an authentic gold buyer-

1. Flexible modes of payment- One mostly sells gold under dire straits when a situation necessitates instant money. It is recommended that you visit a buyer who gives you instant payment against your sold gold. Look for buyers who give payment on the spot and offer flexible methods of payment through cash on gold, cheque, IMPS/RTGS.

2. Avoid discussion over the phone- Most gold buyers cite different rates over the phone to lure you into their shop and offer completely different rates when you visit them. Avoid discussions over the phone to avoid any confusion. It is advised that you settle for buyers who insist on visiting their stores for the deal.

3. Use of latest technology- Gone are the days of beam balances and acid testing to test your gold. A modern buyer of gold uses the latest technology to weigh and assess your gold. Always look for buyers who employ digital scales and offer computerized reports for assessing the purity of your gold.

4. Should be able to take all types of gold- Gold comes in different forms, the most common form being the jewellery. However, people possess gold in other forms like gold bars, gold coins, broken, or junk gold. A gold buyer in Delhi who is reputable and has been in business for many years will buy gold in any form.

5. Avoid home visits- Sitting at your home and getting your work done is a very comforting proposition. This is, however, not a safe option always. Do not get tempted by home visits and pickup facilities for your gold articles. The buyer may be an imposter with a mindset of robbing you of your valuables.

6. Reviews- The Internet is the king. It helps you find information on almost everything from the comforts of your home. The best way to look for honest and fair gold buyers is to search online. If you are looking to sell gold in and around Delhi, then trust Google to help you. Just Google “cash for gold Lajpat Nagar”, or “gold buyers in Gurgaon” and you will find a lot of names pop-up on your screen. Filter those buyers who have good customer reviews and 5 star Google ratings. Go for buyers who have the best reviews.

Selling your gold is not an easy decision to make. One has put their hard-earned earnings into buying gold. There is also a sentimental value attached to this precious metal. In this light, it becomes imperative that you sell it to a genuine buyer who will offer you a fair price. By visiting the best place to sell gold you will feel gratified that you got the best return for your valuables.

Gold has been used an investment option in India since ages. In times of dire need, it is a common practice to sell gold for cash. Gold can be in the form of coins which are commonly referred to as medallions, gold bullion or bars. Gold coins can be bought for gifting and saving and come in different minted shapes like round and rectangular. If you have the need to liquidate your investment for an urgent need, how can you do it? What are the best option when it comes to selling your precious investment?

It is imperative to arm yourself with information before you sell gold coins for cash. Here is handy guide of important tips that will tell you about the best practices for selling gold and how you can get the best price for your precious metal.

Encash your gold coins for a bright future

1) Check the purity of gold

The gold available in the market is either of 22 carat or 24 carat. You can know the purity of the gold coins at the time of purchase. It is always a safe option to check the purity of your gold tested by the buyer of the gold, which will give you an idea about how genuine it is. This assurance about the purity of your gold coins will empower you to sell it at a good price.

2) Weight of your gold

The weight of your gold is another important factor that decides on the amount of cash you get when you decide to sell gold coins. Coins can have a weight of anywhere between 0.5 g to 100 g. You can put a price for your gold if you know its weight. This will give you an early estimate of the price that your precious metal can yield.

3) Look for trusted buyers

Refer to various sources offline and online to know which the best place to sell gold is. Ask for opinions from your family and friends and look into online reviews of the gold buyers near you. Make a list of which are the best and most trusted gold buyers and verify their credentials before you decide to go with one of them. Reliability, professionalism and security are the three factors that determine a genuine gold buyer’s worth.

Every gold buyer in the market may have tall promises for you, but it is upto you to decide who you want to go with. Arm yourself with enough information before you finalise on a gold buyer and make sure that they give you the best price for your gold.

Which is the best place to sell gold coins?

If you are looking for gold buyers who are genuine and trusted and would give you the fair price for your gold, then look no further. At Jewels Planet, we give you the best price for your gold in cash/cheque/IMPS or RTGS instantly. Our valuation system is computerized and legitimate. The testing of your gold is done right in front of your eyes and we make sure that you get a fair price when you sell gold.

The staff members are friendly and informed educating you with information about your gold. You are saved from the harassment of middlemen and you can make yourself sure about selling your gold in a secure environment that will fetch you the best price.

What are you waiting for? Do not let those gold coins waste away in your locker. Come right away to us, to get the best price for you gold.

Liquidate your gold, do not let it waste away!

Gold is the most valuable metal which has been around for ages. Buying gold is a jubilation in itself. People love to pamper themselves and their loved ones with the yellow metal. Gold is also purchased as a smart investment, as a defense against hard times. Lately, the demand of selling gold has also become as big as purchasing gold. No wonder, the market is flooded with a zillion options of selling gold.

Just like one looks for authentic sellers while buying gold, it is imperative to seek credible gold buyers too.

If you are looking for genuine gold buyer in Delhi, then Jewels Planet is the right choice for you. It is the optimum gold buying entity which offers the best bargain in the market.

They Do Not Compromise on Business Ethics

Jewels Planet is a trustworthy, honest and decorous name in the market. Reliability, high business ethics and integrity are their core values. Its no wonder they have the highest number of loyal and repeat customers, and referrals in the gold buying-selling industry.

Transparency is their most valued asset-they believe in making their customers a part of the buying-selling process. This gives customers the confidence that they are getting the best return on their sale. For their peace of mind, all testing and transactions are done in front of the customers.

Jewels Planet gives the best and most legitimate payout rates for your gold and other jewellery of silver, diamonds or bank coins. They give instant payment for your gold assets and other prized ornaments as well. The payment is either cash for gold, online transfer, payment through cheque or, RTGS/IMPS.

Their Relationships Are Based on Mutual Trust

It is an arduous task to find a trustworthy buyer of gold in Delhi. Most important is credibility, your customers should have the confidence that they are at the best place to sell gold. Jewels Planet has cultivated its relationship with customers based on care, mutual respect and integrity. Jewels Planet gives you step-wise valuation of your articles while explaining you the entire process. However, the decision is ultimately yours. They do not believe in pressurizing customers to sell their gold after valuation.

They are in Line with the Latest Technology

Jewels Planet uses the non-destructive (X-Ray Fluorescence) German technology for valuation of your gold with utmost precision. They provide you with an instant computerised gold testing lab report certificate to check the purity of gold accurately.

They use Japanese weighing scales to ensure the highest levels of accuracy in gold measurement.

Exclusivity is their forte-they don’t believe in dividing their competence by opening diverse branches. Their single outlet replete with the latest equipment and trained professionals is an all-in-one stopover to sell your gold, silver, diamond and other precious jewellery.

They Follow Customer-centric Business Model

Jewels Planet is known for an unparalleled customer service. Their trained staff ensures that your selling experience is smooth and hassle free. With their team of experienced professionals, rest assured that you are in best hands.

Jewels Planet is happy to give instant payment against any kind of gold — whether new gold, old gold, broken gold, missing gold (earring), junk or even scrap gold. Customers sell gold for instant payment only when they are in dire need of money. Jewels Planet empathizes with its clients and offers them the highest price for their valuables.

Check Google reviews and client’s testimonials to get an insight into their customer service which is par excellence. Jewels Planet prides in being the 5-star rated buyer on Google, in Delhi/NCR.

Jewels Planet has a diverse clientele spread from Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Noida, Haryana, Punjab to other states. It validates their supreme industry prowess in the gold-buying market.

They persistently strive to make their customer experience superior. This has made Jewels Planet the best place to sell gold in Delhi.

There is no doubt that Indians are enamoured with gold. It is in their nature to felicitate every important occasion of their life with the purchase of the glittering metal. Not only Indian households, even big corporate houses in India celebrate their success and achievements by gifting their employees with gold coins or gold bars.

Despite the worth of gold, most of the times it happens that our gold ornaments that we so fondly buy sit in the safety of our lockers. It is only on important occasions like anniversaries, parties, festivals and family functions that we actually showcase our precious ornaments.

Because these precious pieces are tucked away in a safety deposit box or sit in a drawer most of the time, they get entangled, broken, scraped or damaged. You might be disheartened to see a broken bangle, a missing earring, or a fragmented necklace. But don’t lose heart! Unlike other flawed jewellery which loses its value, gold which is broken or damaged still glitters and does not lose its sheen.

If you have a damaged or an old fashioned gold ornament, or a gold piece which doesn’t interest you anymore, it can still fetch you a good price. Not only jewellery, even your gold dental scrap can guarantee a good return if sold to a trustworthy gold buyer.

Transform Broken Gold Jewellery into Instant Payment

It is highly recommended to sell your unused or broken gold for instant payment. The money can help you repay a debt, invest for future, take a vacation, fund your education or pay a portion of your home loan. It is always better to have handy cash than some old pieces of jewellery which you no longer use.

Gold is a valuable metal. One should keep following points in mind while trying to sell gold-

1. Weight- Any gold article is measured by its weight. A heavier item will sell for a meatier price. Do not place all gold articles on a weighing scale, it is advised to weigh the items of the same carat together.

2. Purity- Purity of gold is an important criterion that translates directly into its authenticity. A gold with highest purity will fetch you the highest price. A genuine gold item has a Carat mark on it, such as 24K, 22K or 18K.

3. Assortment- Always have your pieces well assorted in terms of weight, purity and rarity so that you have a fair estimate about the worth of your items.

4. Trusted Name- Check out gold buyers near you. Check their website, google reviews and client testimonials before making your choice. Go to a buyer with a reputable standing in the market.

In your search for an authentic gold buyer, you will come across many names that buy gold for cash. If you are looking where to sell gold with the highest guaranteed price for your gold items then Jewels Planet is there to offer you the best deal.

With our state-of-the-art technology, we employ computerised lab testing with instant reports to check the purity of your gold. Our non-destructive X-Ray Fluorescence German technology assesses your gold most precisely. Our weighing scales of Japanese make, provide you with accurate gold measurements.

Customers love us for our absolute transparency. We ensure that we employ a fool-proof method that leaves no room for any flaw or discrepancy. Therefore, we educate our customers about the buying-selling process. Our transparency and honesty makes us one of the most respected gold buying business entities across India.

For us the satisfaction of our customers is the most valuable strategy. Happy customers are the greatest assets of Jewels Planet!