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No. I mean this was talked about in various works of WOTLK Classic Gold novels, and it's an area that we've avoided in the game. It was however an area that's completely unknown. The purpose of this lies in the idea that both sides will be trying to bring together more allies in this massive battle. And the last thing they want is to be in one of these new areas, and the people that are in them, fall into their hands by the other side.

I've always been more of an Alliance player. However, when it comes to story, I take plenty of criticism from Horde friends who claim that their lore is more interesting. The Horde is a fallen grace, which makes them feel a more relatable in a few ways, while the humans can kind of seem like the nice guys that are the dicks.

That's really interesting. I am Horde more often, but I like to be able to take on both characters so I have a top level character on both sides. It seems like I'm going between the story myself. I'm experiencing ... often I feel like "Ah! The Alliance is such a better story! The Horde should have this!"

It's about whatever resonates with you I believe. We don't aim to turn the Alliance into...whatever you're thinking of [laughsThe Alliance is what it is. I believe that the characters are pretty powerful. Anduin, in this expansion is truly coming in to his own. He's now stepping up to be king, and there's a rite for passage. Even in the cinematic that we showed, there's a realization on his part that He basically kills off lot of Horde people close to him. Then you think whether that's really his thing or not. And then he's doing this big mass heal, which is what he's interested in. In my opinion, he's trying to incorporate the essence of his father as well as the Alliance and his own identity into this.

The same time, you'll see plenty in the evolution of Sylvanas. We saw some of Sylvanas in Legion. We told some of her tales--she's the chieftain for the Horde. However, you'll see much more about her when you play Battle For Azeroth. Obviously these stories are less focused on this one common enemy which is in Legion however they are more about two different sides.

In this sense, it's as if it's going to be more of a personal one, since we've had these types of massive, world-ending stories.Absolutely. It's not a massive monster, or as titanic as Sargeras. It's actually the greatest foe you could ever have. Well, it's the one who is the other faction.In a way, it is like going back all the way to the conflict that began with humans versus orcs. Do you think this is an appropriate place for novice players to begin?

I'm thinking yes, in terms of the narrative but also with regard to cheap WOTLK Gold the way we play the game itself. For a while, the process of leveling up hasn't had the same amount of attention from us, as have other aspects in the game. This is why we're undergoing a review and are actually using the technology that we created for Legion where you can go into any zone. 

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