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His passing skills are unsurpassed as are his shooting FUT 23 Coins skills. are some of the best among all CMs. He's been rated 91 for now over 6 years, which says a lot.

Although you can easily put him in an attacking position on the field, don't neglect his assist particularly in conjunction with Haaland. But you can always expect to play well regardless of the field, no matter if it's the six yard box, the edge of the field as well as the mid line.

If you are able to put him in an attacking position however, you shouldn't overlook his help especially with Haaland. But you can be sure of a strong performance no matter the position, whether it's the six yard box, an edge in the field as well as the mid line.

Benzema is probably the one who had the greatest fluctuations and ups of his playing ability throughout his career in the FIFA franchise. However, this year he's certainly considered to be one of the most effective players.He is also among the biggest player in soccer, and it automatically makes him a superb long center forward. If he has a proper strategy, he can easily be competing against Mbappe while his speed is less than Kylian's.

That's one of the reasons why his rating increased dramatically from 89 to 91 in just a year.Lewandowski is an expert striker! With the same height as Benzema however, with a slightly stronger physique, Lewandowski can easily compete in terms of speed and speed with any other player previously mentioned.

A lot of players consider him even better and would easily give him a rating of the 92 mark, which is the highest score in the game. His build-up play and his passing skills would guarantee such high placement.If, however, you're looking to find a strong striker that has the ability to play for long periods it's a good replacement for Mbappe.

Many FIFA players might not be conscious of how skilled the Korean athlete is particularly in regards to his shooting capabilities.Apart from his amazing acceleration and speed, his passing and dribbling capabilities are just as effective. Taking into consideration that he is an a left-winger, he can be a good partner and also provide attack capabilities.

His physical strength might be a little better in the long run, but he's got stamina for days, so keep an eye on him.Ronaldo and Messi were once some of the fastest teams in soccer, but since Lionel Messi has a short cheapest FUT 23 Coins size only Cristiano Ronaldo can be described as a solid long-distance player.