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It's a lot. So , as the spokesperson for all this, I'm 2k23 mt charged with a massive responsibility to reach every single one of our consumers the best we can. ""I consider it a badge of honor for these guys. Something they definitely talk about inside the gym," Singh said. "Even though Klay claimed that he hasn't had a chance to play NBA2K prior to the Dreamcast The fact that Klay cares about his ratings so much, I'm sure that this isn't the case. I can see his gamer badge and he plays it well.

But I think in specific, he was extremely upset over an 88-3-point rating. But what's the most interesting thing is? This was still tied for the second-highest rating. It's the challenge with having a friend who's leaps and bounds ahead of everybody How do you handle that? Steph since 2015 has made way more than 10 times more three-pointers than the rest of us within the NBA. Therefore, at some point, shouldn't the rating be more than everyone across the entire league? What can we do to deal with this? I'm thinking that he's simply damaged that scale."

Singh stated that the ratings are something players truly take interest in, which leads to a a level of interest between both fans and players. This is the reason Kevin Durant had a recent rant about his overall rating and the fact that it was lower than 99. "I'm certain you've seen Kevin Durant's tweet too," Singh said. "You are aware of the funny part is that me and Kevin are actually extremely close friends. Kevin is one of the four NBA players that was invited to my wedding. We were messaging literally all night prior to the wedding, and later that rating hit and all of a sudden he became angry."

"Look, KD has been playing for 14 years, he's a veteran of the game. This isn't like KD is extremely upset about this, but I believe his goal is to generate conversations. He doesn't have to, he's one of the most talked about athletes across the globe, but I believe that his joining in the fray is a cheap 2k23 mt  nod to how much he enjoys our sport, and the friendship we have.

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