So he had to deal with that whole thing from DonnaStella's blog

And it was Melber or like rag or someone else in  WoTLK Gold the guild. She was like, who wants to play RPGs? they asked why do you want to play RBG since you're female it's time to get cooking in the kitchen. You're playing because you're a woman.Like talking to her, it's just to make her fucking mad.

And so she's like the two of them going back and forth on this. Everybody else is exactly like the OG I was not there. I just heard the second hand. And so like I hear these things all the time and also, like, PvP or moment, well, these are Raiders. And so they just keep on and on about how like she needs to prepare them a sandwich about how hungry they are.

Also, as you can imagine what's the scent would they smell like if they liked pastrami or ham sandwiches? She's going around about this over over and over. Finally, I log onto my Guildmaster messages me to send nerve messages me. This is the Warlock. He says as mom we're in trouble.

And I say , fuck it! Hey, what is it doing now? He says so, Cora is like she's just like you, your girl from the guild. I'm like, yep it's true. And he says, Well there's a problem. I say , fuck, what's happened? He says"I don't know. I'm not sure how I can explain this. However, Wragge was and Melber were telling her that she should make their sandwiches. They were also hungry and that she was a woman who needed to make them sandwiches. So Cora got mad.

She stuffed the entire guild's account with bread in every slot and tab with a full fucking thing of bread. And she said you want an omelette, you can and make it at home

Even after I told her that I could be nervous, she never admitted that it was a mistake. She never even said sorry for this. She didn't give an inch. She was like It is one of the. Well, she claims that tried to get rid of that guy.

Yeah. So he had to deal with that whole thing. And I'd never apologize. It was fucking funny. It was like, he wasn't like Mr. Pandaria or some sh*t. I don't think I remember this from a long time in the past. This seems like the appropriate response to me.

Yeah. Let's see. Where's the rest like OMG, what are cheap WoTLK Classic Gold  these? It's nuts. She was a match will make the bread disappear. She played a priest I remember telling her that she was like a hunter pet.

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