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In reality, yet again Classic is in the midst of a huge success and the ever-present issues with server capacities have finally reached a point at which Blizzard has taken a decisive and a hefty hand. We have today a huge amount of information that has been dropped the issues that  WoTLK Gold need to be addressed, and that can't be accomplished and, most important, Blizzard say the time is now to put an end to the idea of a massive world due to the excessive duration of the posts. not losing points in between each post. I've put together a bit of an TLDR of the whole issue that I'll review at the start here.

The pre patch was the straw that has broken the camel's back. Blizzard don't want massive brands to be created or in the long run and are committed to expanding the players across a greater variety of realms Blizzard could lock a realm without knowing information about the warnings if the population gets too large. blocking servers with high populations and providing free transfers is the best solution. locks, which means no transfers and no new characters created There is no technological solution to raise the servers anymore. The locked servers are simply fall layering does not raise the cap, it simply serves as an escape valve in the event that an area of the world is experiencing an enormous amount of traffic.

For instance my server pyre village is currently marked as full in the realm list, but there are only two layers due to everyone being dispersed across the globe on the day of the launch of TBC. The server was able to reach 12 layers since every single player was outside this area. Dark Portal Blizzard are aware of the queues that are in place but do not want to create additional rounds because they are expecting an increase in players who that are second retail. Both utilize the same technology at the backend. However, server numbers haven't been as large as they are currently on. Classic servers and locked in this state for months, if needed. If nothing changes, and they don't take action it would increase in the fury of those who are in it.

That's the version with TLDR. Now, let's look at the slightly longer version. First of all, thanks for The Community Council and developer agriland for this discussion, even if it's not all you'd like to hear. I'd rather read this over silence. This is why I appreciate the time and effort that has been put into these articles and bringing us up to date on the current situation. 

I'd like to discuss the tools used by players to determine the brown population. This isn't just going to repeat what I've explained about what that the stock Pro is doing for however many times they've used it in the past. We do, in general, employ Ironforge dot Pro and whilst it's not perfect, I believe it provides a good impression. But, with this bizarre change every  cheap WoTLK Classic Gold pre patch period is not providing accurate information. At the moment, it's dependent on leaderboards for PvP There's no arena season currently and players uploading their Warcraft logs.

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