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With the rapid development of the smartphone market, cell phones have long become an indispensable part of people's lives, as a working and living assistant, battery life is never to be ignored. For a long time, we are very concerned about the battery capacity of the cell phone and fast charging power, but often ignore the battery safety. Due to the irregular use of charging equipment for cell phone charging accidents abound, want to ensure their own safety, but also to grasp the root cause of the lithium... more
dtertz Sep 14 '23 · Tags: battery
The CR123A battery is a 2/3A size lithium manganese, 3.0V non-rechargeable battery. CR123A battery size is CR17335, which is a 17mm diameter, 33.5mm height lithium manganese column battery. CR2 is CR15270, which is a 15mm diameter, 27mm height lithium manganese column battery.Price and availabilityAA batteries are inexpensive and readily available and are the reigning champion of the EDC torch battery category. Because they are so easy to obtain and stock up on, many EDC enthusiasts favour AA torches. This is a crucial adva... more
youtek Jul 27 '22 · Tags: battery, cr123a battery