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Having the ability to jump in and play any stage (such as in Madden) would be fantastic, and so would actually having the ability to tweak tactics since the match was in progress. The fact we still can't do any of that in FIFA 23 Coins 2019 is infuriating.The pre-match mini-games count as yet another feature overstaying their FIFA welcome by at least a couple of series entries. They are dull nowadays. Being fair, we'd much rather see more pre-match construct than play these minute-long slogs. Players arriving by bus, media ... more
At this time of year, when a new version of FIFA is launched, the hype for the new FIFA starts. Millions of fans are always on the lookout for fresh content from the upcoming FIFA 23. FIFA's rebranding to EA Sports FC is a lament for the end of an era, but the upcoming FIFA 23 is undoubtedly the most important in comparison. It's worth noting that Ultimate Team has always been the most popular mode regardless of FIFA generations, and many players are struggling with not having enough FIFA 23 Coins because they can't get their favor... more
FIFA career mode AI is not flexible enough, they still need more teams to polish themselves. A few days ago, my colleague Ben Sledge told me why he gave up the FIFA 22 FIFA series he worked so hard for. I sympathize with this but do not fully understand it. Like most FIFA players, they spend most of their time with Ultimate Team, trying to build their favorite team. The difference is that my favorite mode is career mode, and when I try online mode for the first time, I choose an existing team that I like best. While we don't appro... more
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