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Tadalafil acts as the active ingredient in Tadacip. This is the most effective drug among all ED drugs when men are suffering from sexual problems. By taking these pills you can feel good sex for many hours. It is advisable to consult a doctor before taking Tadacip. Tadacip is one of the best tablets to treat erectile dysfunction. These pills should be taken once a day. More use of these tablets is suggested by the doctor to improve the sexual life. Tadacip is a very useful drug in the market when men are suffering from er... more
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Therefore, treatment of erectile dysfunction, including the use of aurogra 100, should not be performed in men with heart disease in which sexual activity is not recommended.
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Although female Viagra does not require a prescription, it should be used only when necessary. A woman should rule out the presence of hormonal or other chronic diseases. It is also worth discussing sexual problems with a sex therapist before starting treatment, as the cause may not require medication.
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The active ingredient sildenafil contained in Cenforce causes significant dilation of blood vessels in the male body and solves the problem of erectile disfunction. It should be remembered that an optimal blood supply is the most important condition that must be met for a man to achieve an erection. 
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Specialists and the manufacturer itself advise taking the drug 30 minutes or an hour before intimacy. They say that the action time of Tadapox is as much as 36 hours, which is enough for several sexual acts, and gives not only confidence in your strength but also some spontaneity.
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All four drugs: levitra, kamagra, viagra and vidalista 80 are highly effective and safe for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, as Gulickhhc reports, and have the same indications and contraindications for use. At the same time, they have certain differences in efficacy and tolerability, the extent of which may vary from patient to patient.