"As I've stated throughout the process from DonnaStella's blog

The Giants are apathetic in defense. No pass rush, inefficient linebackers, not defense to stop the pass. What's happening? What's their plan?

The Giants ought to have pressed the reset button the last time. They could've signed OBJ and let go of Eli Manning, and drafted Sam Darnold. Or not sign OBJ. Whatever. But draft Darnold. He was out to get his share.

Instead, they drafted an offensive back. Now , at No. 6 in the rankings, the Giants could be in a the position to take on Dwayne Haskins or maybe even Daniel Jones, both of who are struggling. Darnold is better than both.

5. The Chiefs selling Dee Ford is a head-scratcher.

The Chiefs, who desperately need help with their defense, traded  Mut 24 coins away rising star and their best rusher Dee Ford, to the Niners in exchange to a 2020 second round pick. Ford was previously under the franchise tag, receives a significant raise from the new team -- five years and an estimated $87.5 million.

My affection for the Chiefs is well-known, and I can still discuss the team without prejudice. This trade doesn't make a lot of sense. You need Ford extremely. There's no edge rusher in the roster following Ford went to the trade market and Justin Houston was cut. Who's going rushing the passer?

Yes they did, and the Chiefs did make improvements at safety with Tyrann Mathieu. But he is only able to defend the pass for a certain amount of time. The Chiefs haven't taken any steps to improve their cornerback, but again, they're lacking an outside pass rush that is essential to the success of Madden NFL 24. Additionally, with the Chiefs usually winning at end of games, a pass rusher has greater value. Ford was a player that they desperately needed in 2019.

If you view this deal from the Chiefs from the Chiefs' perspective I can understand the reasoning behind their decision to acquire whatever they could for him after having the Giants take Landon Collins loose for nothing. If no one would be willing to pay more, and Ford was not part of their long-term plan, then get rid of Ford. I understand it from the financial perspective, but not from an actual field view.

Patrick Mahomes can't be extended at the moment, so they don't have the funds. Maybe they're thinking of upgrading his Tyreek Hill contract soon and need cash. It's just that they could have made it work either way.

"As I've stated throughout the process, and during Tom Brady's Patriots professional career Tom Brady is a stylish, elegant person with the highest standards," the statement read. "He symbolizes everything that is wonderful about the game and the league. Even though there was no evidence of any wrongdoing by Tom In the Wells report, the lawyers at the league still insisted on imposing and defending unwarranted and unheard of madden 24 coins for sale discipline. Judging by Judge Richard Berman understood this and we're very grateful for his thoughtful decision made today. We are now able to shift our attention to the game that is taking place on the field."

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