Albion Online’s Robin Henkys is back for Buy Albion Online Silver one final developer video before Wild Blood’s launch next week. This time, it’s all about the update’s marquee feature – shapeshifter weapons.

As the name suggests, shapeshifter weapons will grant players the ability to transform into various forms on the fly. They’ll come in the form of seven staves, each with its own respective forms and unique abilities that can inflict damage, support allies, or disrupt enemies. Using human-form abilities will build up Shift Charges which are used to power shape-form abilities.

These are the different Shapes into which you can transform:

Shadow Panther: turns invisible when no enemies are nearby.

Sylvian: increases allies’ health, provides healing, and can create a shield for your allies.

Spirit Bear: an aggressive tank that disrupts enemies.

Werewolf: Heals itself and gains a speed boost from attacking enemies

Hellfire Imp: Has very high damage but low defense; can revive in human form after death.

Runestone Golem: a huge tank which is immune to all forced movement

Dawnbird: deals very high damage from a safe distance.

Much like the existing weapon lines, players will be able to level up their shapeshifter weapons by earning combat fame from killing monsters, completing dungeons, participating in PvP battles, or any other combat-related activity.

However, obtaining a shapeshifter weapon is no easy feat. The new weapon line ties in with Wild Blood’s upcoming tracking system which will reward you with the materials needed to craft your chosen stave. More on that and shapeshifter weapons in general in the new developer video below.

Wild Blood will be hitting the live Albion Online Gold servers on October 16th.

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