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With the Wild Blood update set for October 16th, the Albion Online team has shared new details about the updates to islands and the farming rework on the way.

The updates to personal islands  mean that you can have your own individual islands with custom appearances, Visual upgrades, and indeed,  different available biomes.   instead of just a uniform appearance for having a personal island, they'll be a little more personality to them. the different biomes that will become available when the update hits are tailored to link the personal Islands thematically to cities. 

What this will look like is a shared relationship between the host city and your island, linking them thematically, providing choices, and a way to have your secluded personal space that feels like it belongs in the immediate world. 

Those new biomes will be as follows:

Martlock: Expect rolling hills, meadows, cliffs, and picturesque waterfalls.

Lymhurst: Dive into a thick, lush forest with a serene stream meandering through it.

Bridgewatch: Enjoy an oasis-like island with warm, shallow waters and swaying palm trees.

Fort Sterling: Embrace the tranquility of snow-capped mountains.

Thetford: Explore sunken ruins, overgrown trees, and emerald waters.

Caerleon: Brace yourself for rough, rocky terrain in this bandit-controlled territory.

When it comes to farming, the new farming Buy Albion Online Silver bonuses for both crops and animals that also connect to the island overhauls. Crops, herbs, and farm animals will all thrive differently in different biomes. Each city biome will have bonuses for one crop, one herb, and one farm animal, as well as one additional farmable item with bonus yields. Different animals will yield more resources when butchered on particular islands too.

Since all of these changes are coming in the update, the team has opened the ability to move your island to a new city before October 16th. This will be the last personal island move, since these upcoming changes mean you'll be able to own multiple personal islands going forward: one for each city.

See the new devblog at Albion Online, and watch the Albion Online Gold update video for a breakdown of details.

Albion Online’s Robin Henkys is back for Buy Albion Online Silver one final developer video before Wild Blood’s launch next week. This time, it’s all about the update’s marquee feature – shapeshifter weapons.

As the name suggests, shapeshifter weapons will grant players the ability to transform into various forms on the fly. They’ll come in the form of seven staves, each with its own respective forms and unique abilities that can inflict damage, support allies, or disrupt enemies. Using human-form abilities will build up Shift Charges which are used to power shape-form abilities.

These are the different Shapes into which you can transform:

Shadow Panther: turns invisible when no enemies are nearby.

Sylvian: increases allies’ health, provides healing, and can create a shield for your allies.

Spirit Bear: an aggressive tank that disrupts enemies.

Werewolf: Heals itself and gains a speed boost from attacking enemies

Hellfire Imp: Has very high damage but low defense; can revive in human form after death.

Runestone Golem: a huge tank which is immune to all forced movement

Dawnbird: deals very high damage from a safe distance.

Much like the existing weapon lines, players will be able to level up their shapeshifter weapons by earning combat fame from killing monsters, completing dungeons, participating in PvP battles, or any other combat-related activity.

However, obtaining a shapeshifter weapon is no easy feat. The new weapon line ties in with Wild Blood’s upcoming tracking system which will reward you with the materials needed to craft your chosen stave. More on that and shapeshifter weapons in general in the new developer video below.

Wild Blood will be hitting the live Albion Online Gold servers on October 16th.

In the final chapters of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, players can get their hands on the iconic Legendary weapon Shadowmourne. But you’ll have to prove you’re worthy of wielding Shadowmourne by completing an epic quest chain and obtaining the necessary reagents, including Shadowfrost Shards. 

Shadowfrost Shards are unique reagents needed to Buy WoW Classic Gold craft Shadowmourne, and there’s no way to circle around getting the iconic weapon without them. But, unlike other reagents on your list, this one will be slightly more demanding and time-consuming.

So, here’s how you can get Shadowfrost Shards in WoTLK Classic.

Shadowfrost Shards in WoTLK Classic come from only one source—Icecrown Citadel bosses—on both Normal and Heroic difficulty. There are no special requirements your raid group needs to meet like in the past when at least one player had to have The Splintered Throne quest.

It’s important to note that not all bosses have a guaranteed chance to drop Shadowfrost Shards, but end bosses of each wing (Saurfang, Lana’thel, Putricide, Sindragosa, and The Lich King) will always drop one Shadowfrost Shard on both 25-man Normal and Heroic difficulties. 

Shadowfrost Shards are binds-when-picked-up items, meaning you can’t trade them to other players, and if you get one or two of those, I guess you’re crafting Shadowmourne!

How many Shadowfrost Shards do you need in WoW WoTLK Classic?

In total, you need 50 Shadowfrost Shards to complete The Splintered Throne quests. Given the fact that there are 12 bosses and five of them will surely drop one shard, getting them shouldn’t take that long—especially if your guild is funneling you.

When will you need Shadowfrost Shards in WoW WoTLK Classic?

You need Shadowfrost Shards at the very Wotlk Classic Gold end of the Shadowmourne quest chain, but since Blizzard removed the requirement, you can start collecting them from the moment you first step into the frozen domain of the Lich King.

Gfinity Esports Australia has announced Rocket League Items a partnership with Australian commercial television network Network Ten. The network will broadcast all Rocket League matches of the upcoming Gfinity Elite Series Australia on its free-to-air TV channel ONE.

CEO of Gfinity Esports Australia Dominic Remond said:

Network Ten is one of the leading entertainment companies in Australia, with a long tradition of bringing fun and engaging content to viewers, and we’re thrilled that audiences will be able to tune in to watch the live Rocket League matches each Sunday on ONE.”

The Gfinity Elite Series is a multigame league produced by Gfinity Esports in the United Kingdom where top European esports organizations compete across three games. Last year, Gfinity announced plans to spin off the Elite Series format in Australia, but with one major change. Instead of esports organizations competing, the Australian series will feature teams representing six Australian cities.

Currently, no specific broadcast partnerships have been announced for the other two Gfinity Elite Series Australia games—Counter-strike: Global Offensive and Street Fighter V.

Earlier this week, Gfinity announced an exclusive partnership with Twitch to livestream the Gfinity Elite Series Australia. The Elite Series spinoff is also partnered with Logitech Australia and Alienware and has a long-term partnership with Hoyts Cinemas to develop esports arenas in Hoyts theater locations.

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With summer quickly approaching, it’s Rocket League Items time to bring back another Rocket League Esports tournament from last year! After a great first season, the Universal Open Rocket League is getting a Season Two! Keeping the same 2v2 format that brought together fan-favorites like SizzleUrCob and SirJumpOnStuff (and his Dad), the UORL is back and will be better than ever!

With teams fighting for their shot at the $100,000 prize pool, the UORL will take eight of the best teams from Europe and North America (four from each region) who will then face-off in August to find out who will be crowned the best 2v2 team in Rocket League! In order to reach the Grand Final, teams will have to qualify through open online qualifiers and prove they’re the best in their region to earn their ticket to the Grand Final event.

For aspiring pro Rocket League players on PC and Xbox One looking to make a run, registration is open NOW with the first qualifiers taking place later in the month. The first round of qualifiers begin on May 28th for the Northeast region in NA and the European open qualifiers begin on June 25th. More details will be announced later this month, but below is a quick run-down on the four stages of the Universal Open!

Stage 1 - Online Open Qualifiers

Stage 2 - Regional Closed Qualifiers (Online NA Only)

Stage 3 - Regional Finals (In-person, NA Only)

European players will play in an online final to determine the top 4 teams from the region

Stage 4 - Grand Finals at the NBC Studios with 4 teams from NA and 4 teams from EU on August 24-26

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League's 4th Birthday.

It has been nearly 4 years since Rocket League was released on July 7, 2015. Rocket League's 4th Birthday is around the corner while Radical Summer is motoring into the second phase 80s' Culture. To celebrate Rocket League's 4th Birthday, Psyonix introduces a Double Drop and Double Painted Weekend from July 4 to July 8.

During this weekend-long event, all Rocket League Items Uncommon or higher free customization items and active Crates will drop twice as often after Online Matches of any game type. Plus, all Crates will have double the chance of containing Painted items. If you're holding onto Crates in your inventory, this is the perfect time to open them. The Double Painted bonus also applies to Trade-Ins. All Trade-Ins processed during this weekend will have double the chance of receiving a Painted item.

The Double Painted item increase only applies to Crates and Trade-Ins, and not Golden Items from in-game events. This is because Golden Items already have increased odds of containing Painted Items. Here are the drop rates for Crates for your reference. 

Rare Item: 55%

Very Rare Item: 28%

Import Item: 12%

Exotic Item: 4%

Black Market Item: 1%

Chance of receiving Painted attribute (on select items): 25%

Chance of receiving Certified attribute (on select items): 25%

Chance of receiving Special Edition attribute (on select items): 25%

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Rocket League is a popular Vehicular Soccer video game by Psyonix that offers an exciting gameplay experience with tons of customizable items. The Rocket League item shop has become a central hub for players looking to enhance the aesthetics of their game. In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the Rocket League Item Store, exploring its functionality, currency system, and variety of items available, giving you everything you need to get the most out of this fascinating virtual marketplace.

1. Basics of the Rocket League Item Store: The Rocket League Item Store is a dedicated in-game store where players can purchase a variety of cosmetic items to personalize their vehicles, including decals, wheels, target explosions, track etc. The store is updated daily with a rotating selection of items, enticing players with fresh options and limited-time exclusives.

2. Currency system: To make purchases from the item shop, players use points as the main currency. Credits replace the previous key system, providing a more direct and transparent approach. You can earn points by purchasing directly from the in-game store or by trading with other players. The introduction of points also removes the randomness associated with chest openings, giving players more control over the items they acquire. By the way, if you are short of Rocket League points, please visit our website LOLGA.COM. Here are cheap RL items for sale.

Rocket League Items3. Featured Items and Daily Items: The Item Shop is divided into two main sections: Featured Items and Daily Items. The Featured Items showcase a selection of high-profile and sought-after cosmetics, including licensed collaborations, special editions, and limited - time offers. These items typically remain available for 48 hours before they are replaced by a new set. On the other hand, the Daily Items section offers a variety of items that rotate on a daily basis, providing players with more affordable options and a chance to discover hidden gems.

4. Esports Shop: Rocket League has a vibrant esports scene, and the Item Shop pays homage to this with the Esports Shop. Here, players can find items representing various professional Rocket League teams, allowing them to showcase their support for their favorite organiz ations. Purchasing items from the Esports Shop also contributes to the prize pools of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) events, directly supporting the growth of the competitive scene.

5. Seasonal and Event Items: Throughout the year, Rocket League introduces special event-themed items and limited-time seasonal cosmetics. These items are often tied to holidays, major updates, or collaborations with other franchises. Examples include Hal low-themed items, Christmas ornaments, and items inspired by popular movies or TV shows. These limited-time offerings add excitement and exclusivity to the Item Shop, encouraging players to engage with the game during specific events.

6. Trading and Community Market: In addition to purchasing items from the Item Shop, Rocket League encourages player-to-player trading. Through the in-game trading system, players can exchange items, credits, and even Blueprints with one another. This fosters a vibrant community market where players can negotiate deals and find the items they desire. Trading provides an avenue for players to obtain rare and valuable items that might not be available in the Item Shop at a given time.

Conclusion: The Rocket League Item Shop is a central hub for players looking to personalize their vehicles and express their unique style in the game. With a constantly evolving selection of items, daily updates, and the introduction of credits as a transparent currency system, the Item Shop provides an engaging marketplace experience. Whether you're a collector, a fan of esports, or simply want to stand out on the field, the Rocket League Item Shop has something for everyone. Explore the shop, acquire your favorite cosmetics, and elevate your Rocket League experience to new heights.

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According to the recent news, Rocket League will Rocket League Trading Store disappear from Steam store when the next update goes live. At that time, Rocket League will be launched free of charge on Epic Games store and cross-platform progression also introduced to the game. 

The exact time for the update is still unknown, but Psyonix has shared some information about on how cross-platfrom progression system will work, including the linking of different platform accounts and which items are shared across platforms – and which are not. If you want to know more details, you can go to the official site to find more information. 

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New World is on its way to becoming the hottest Buy New World Coins and the most engrossing MMORPG of 2021. After its recent successful launch, solely on the PC platform, New World’s news spread like a wildfire in a dense forest. Today, in the contemporary, some of the most renowned streamers of are streaming New World’s gameplay and are thoroughly engaged in grinding their way up to higher levels— New World captures the classical vibe of MMO gaming which we have always admired and find it missing in today’s role-playing gaming market. The name speaks for itself, New World comes with a massive map of a supernatural Island called, Aeternum. Players will find themselves washed on its shores after an enigmatic crash on the sea and from there onwards, thousands of adventures await them.

If you are planning on diving into New World’s riveting content, then it is undoubtedly positive that you will be aiming toward witnessing all of its fun aspects: completing quests, joining a faction, participating in wars, mastering the classless system, going on expeditions, grabbing epic loot, crafting, etc. However, there is one more thing, a luxury that will incessantly make you want to pursue it— gold coins. Especially at higher levels. Gold in New World is the currency for buying items and with empty pockets, your avatar will not enjoy the facilities offered nor will he/she be able to purchase high-tier items. Hence, the subject of this guide article will tackle the essence of gold in New World and will inevitably answer your concern of, “Where to Buy New World Gold Safely?”

What Can We Use New World Gold For?

Everything about the game is quite straightforward—after all, it launched less than a month back. Surely, in time, we will witness newer uses of Gold in New World as brand-new patches and updates come rolling in. It is unimpeachable that Amazon games have a lot planned. Not to mention, with such a swift early success of the game, the developers would be surely motivated. If you are a beginner player in New World, let me clarify right here that at the moment, unlike World of Warcraft, there are no mounts in the game. You travel solely on foot and for fast travel, you have to pay Azoth. So traveling companions are one thing on which you will not need to spend gold. Secondly, Amazon games did not want the label of “pay to win” attached with their game concurrently with any unfair leveling system. New World does not have leveling boosts as well— no gold is needed there as well. With that said, let us commence with, “what can we use New world gold for?”

This is amongst my favorite uses of Gold in New World. To whatever faction you belong to—may it be Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant, you’ll be able to access as well as donate gold to fellow company members of that particular faction. In simpler words, companies in New World are equivalent to clans or guilds. This generous system of gold donation ensures prosperity amongst all company members so that everyone is ready for war and able to defend against invasions.

~Buying Gear, Weapons, and Potions via Trading Post with Gold~

The trading post is where the community of New World comes together to bargain. A trading post is pretty much similar to an auction house found in other MMOs. Here, you can acquire all sorts of goods— all rarity-type armors, lethal weapons, food ingredients, potions, and more. As a player in the game, you will not always have the luxury of time to be fully equipped. In times of great urgency, you will not forsake important dilemmas and venture out to a crafting/mining trip, nor will you decide to do an expedition to land that certain rare drop. That is why the trading post is an excellent shortcut to attaining the items you want (if available) with gold. Players who bid their rarest items can fathom their value; therefore, chances are you will be overpaying for a certain purchase so that the owner gets a profit—it is business. Having no gold for important purchases will result in a delay to your Aeternum plans.

The developers of New World, without a doubt, had their thinking caps on when deciding on the housing content of the game. You see, New World tackles the housing experience in a way no other role-playing game has. But first, let’s quickly summarize the rules and regulations of house buying in New World. Your hero needs to obtain a level 10 standing in the particular territory where you are going to make the purchase. The levels can be earned by completing tasks of that territory. Secondly, once you have settled in your brand-new dwelling, you got to pay taxes to keep it… “yes, you read it right.”

Now coming to the exciting part. Imagine throwing New Word Gold a virtual party at your very own residence. Unheard of? Not anymore! New World allows up to 5-player house parties, a perfect addon for amplifying the wholesomeness of playing with your buddies. You may decorate the house to your liking. Lastly, the greatest perks of purchasing a home in New World is that it grants you extra storage space for items that do not need to be carried yet have to be safely kept away and for recall purposes.

Anyone who wants to make Ashes of War Elden Ring Runes a middle aspect in their construct in Elden Ring will need the Carian Filigreed Crest Talisman. The object permits gamers to apply extra skill-based totally assaults along with superior swings, buffs, or magic which are tied to a weapon.

Some Talisman gadgets can be complicated to attain, however the Carian Filigreed Crest in all fairness smooth to identify if players make it to Liurnia.

Rather than searching for a cave or defeating a boss, players should purchase the Talisman from a blacksmith service provider this is tied to the Ranni questline inside Elden Ring.

Location of the Carian Filigreed Crest Talisman in Elden RingLike many different gadgets in Elden Ring, the Carian Filigreed Crest Talisman can be picked up at any time if players are willing to head the gap.

The Carian Filigreed Crest Talisman is found on War Counselor Iji, who is both a service provider and a servant to Ranni the Witch near the Three Sisters. This massive is located simply before Caria Manor however may be smooth to overlook if players don't know where to look.

When purchasing from Iji, players may even have the option to buy a few Somber Smithing Stones as much as the Elden Ring Items for sale rank of four for upgrades.

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