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When Ariana Grande first met Franzese, they were both mutual friends from the 2004 comedy "Mean Girls". During that time, he bought Ariana a sweater in a size that didn't exist. The next time they spoke, Grande asked him for his size. And since they'd become friends, the singer-songwriter decided to expand her merchandise line to include 3XL versions.

When Ariana Grande first contacted Franzese, he was impressed with her enthusiasm for the new singer. She sent him two giant boxes and gave him tickets to a Miami concert. After that, she asked him to star in the music video for her single "TUN". But the video conflicted with his comedy tour. So he asked for a rain check. The two have stayed friends ever since.

Fortnite Ariana Grande merch

A recent leak of Ariana Grande's Fortnite merch reveals a small but exclusive line of merchandise. The black crewneck and t-shirt feature the singer's Fortnite logo and model. While the merch doesn't have an impressive lineup, fans will surely appreciate its quality and attention to detail. Moreover, the merch is made in the United States, ensuring quality and comfort.

However, the lack of distinctive elements makes the Fortnite ariana grande merch less than impressive. The t-shirt and shirt, which cost $65 and $35 respectively, look like they are not worth the money. Fans of the pop star have been excited about the Ariana Grande merch in the past, but this time, it is not as good. Ariana Grande's merch is just as expensive as other Fortnite items. Moreover, the prices are a bit too high for the average gamer.

Fans can pre-order the merch by placing an order through her official store. It will be available for sale on December 10, 2021. The merch is also available in the official Fortnite store. Ariana Grande's Fortnite show will be accompanied by a range of items, which fans can purchase. Purchasing these items will give fans the opportunity to buy Ariana Grande's music and other merchandise.

The concert is one of the most anticipated events in the game's history. The merch will include cosmetics and an Ariana Grande avatar. The outfit will cost 2,500 V-Bucks. The merchandise will also be available to show attendees of the concert. In addition, the show will also host several other activities, including singing. A concert can be a great way to promote a brand's name.