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Life has its ups and downs. Gold is one such metal that can be associated with good and bad times both. Just like you celebrate an occasion by buying gold, selling gold helps you pull out of a precarious situation.

One does not sell gold under ordinary conditions. There are certain unanticipated circumstances where one requires instant money. During such hard times, one might have no other option but to sell gold. Ironically, selling gold is not a plain sailing task and entails proper research.

There are hordes of buyers who offer cash for gold in Noida and its vicinity. How to sell gold when there are so many names in the market? It does become a trifle confusing for a layman to single out one name from the lot.

Let’s look into some parameters that will help you in filtering your search for an authentic gold buyer-

1. Flexible modes of payment- One mostly sells gold under dire straits when a situation necessitates instant money. It is recommended that you visit a buyer who gives you instant payment against your sold gold. Look for buyers who give payment on the spot and offer flexible methods of payment through cash on gold, cheque, IMPS/RTGS.

2. Avoid discussion over the phone- Most gold buyers cite different rates over the phone to lure you into their shop and offer completely different rates when you visit them. Avoid discussions over the phone to avoid any confusion. It is advised that you settle for buyers who insist on visiting their stores for the deal.

3. Use of latest technology- Gone are the days of beam balances and acid testing to test your gold. A modern buyer of gold uses the latest technology to weigh and assess your gold. Always look for buyers who employ digital scales and offer computerized reports for assessing the purity of your gold.

4. Should be able to take all types of gold- Gold comes in different forms, the most common form being the jewellery. However, people possess gold in other forms like gold bars, gold coins, broken, or junk gold. A gold buyer in Delhi who is reputable and has been in business for many years will buy gold in any form.

5. Avoid home visits- Sitting at your home and getting your work done is a very comforting proposition. This is, however, not a safe option always. Do not get tempted by home visits and pickup facilities for your gold articles. The buyer may be an imposter with a mindset of robbing you of your valuables.

6. Reviews- The Internet is the king. It helps you find information on almost everything from the comforts of your home. The best way to look for honest and fair gold buyers is to search online. If you are looking to sell gold in and around Delhi, then trust Google to help you. Just Google “cash for gold Lajpat Nagar”, or “gold buyers in Gurgaon” and you will find a lot of names pop-up on your screen. Filter those buyers who have good customer reviews and 5 star Google ratings. Go for buyers who have the best reviews.

Selling your gold is not an easy decision to make. One has put their hard-earned earnings into buying gold. There is also a sentimental value attached to this precious metal. In this light, it becomes imperative that you sell it to a genuine buyer who will offer you a fair price. By visiting the best place to sell gold you will feel gratified that you got the best return for your valuables.

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