Our e-mail hosting services are reliable and scalable, with innovative features and hosted with Anti-Spam solutions. We provide corporate class e-mail hosting too and mail boxes with different data storage slots, which can be customized as per your company’s requirement.

  • Zimbra Mail Server
    We offer corporate e-mail service using powerful Zimbra Mail Server that provides full e-mail access from anywhere and it is just like Hotmail or Gmail or Yahoo! mail; you can also use any of the e-mail clients with our Zimbra Mail Server e-mail. All our e-mail hosting plans include 3-level Anti-Spam and content filtering to prevent unsolicited mails.
  • Dynamic Mail Server Service (DMSS)
    In this, we provide clients with a dedicated mail server to enable direct access from the internet for the purpose of mail delivery. This is done to ensure that the important mails don’t get mixed up or lost in transit, it also helps speed-up the process of mail delivery and it serves as a back-up system for retrieval of mail data.
    The DMSS system function allows to set-up and maintain an independent SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) mail system to receive mails on port 25 using SMTP protocol. This adds the flexibility to operate any licensed mail server software and send and receive e-mail to individual domains.
  • Office 365
    As a Microsoft Partner and Reseller, we also promote Office 365 products on the Cloud. Corporate clients can avail of different levels of Office 365 products that include Microsoft Exchange, Lync and other communication tools along with the entire MS-Office Suite. Office 365 is a subscription-based online office and software plus services suite which offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft’s premium office solutions.