Prepare Yourself Programs are Work Experience Programs that provides participants with the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills and work habits that increase the potential for employment success.

The unexpected path to success & happiness at work

For those that are seeking training with specific career objectives or who want to enter or re-enter the work force in the shortest time possible, the institution offers a variety of short-term program options.

The programs are designed to make the student career-ready in less than a year. Whether you’re seeking to be developer or technical administrator, this skill-based training is an excellent choice for many people that view a skill-based education as the key for their employment.

Each program contains the following parts:

  • The core topics training courses.
  • Entrepreneurship and communication skills courses.
  • Three months work experience.

Prepare yourself programs are offered at main office in East Jerusalem. To learn more about these programs, please contact us.

Prepare Yourself Programs:

  • Web and Mobile Developer
  • Database Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Graphics Designer
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Operating Systems Administrator