Search Engine Optimization is the first step towards achieving Internet Marketing success. It is to make your website more appealing to search engines and drive visitors to your site.
ExolTech is proficient in remodeling your existing website into a Search-Engine-Friendly one. Our approach to Search Engine Optimization is comprehensive and thorough. We provide ultimate solutions for all SEO needs. We adopt “white-hat method” and undertake manual submission of your website in major search engines at no extra cost. That means proper meta-tags, appropriate keyword density, relevant content, extensive linking, and a host of other strategies.
ExolTech offers a whole range of SEO Services and packages that includes:

  • Website Analysis – Analyze your website from content point of view
  • Keyword Analysis – Find the best keywords that we can target, based on visitor preferences, and business requirements
  • On-Page Optimization – For better Search Engine rankings
  • Competitive Analysis – Compare your website with competitors’ and ascertain their relative strengths
  • Site Quality Check – Check the SEO quality of your site
  • Content Modification – Make subtle changes to content (if necessary) and add SEO-friendly keyword based content
  • Search Engine Submission – Manually submit your website to all relevant Search Engines
  • Mod Rewrite / Search Engine Friendly URLs – We scrutinize your site’s URLs and rewrite them, if necessary, to make them more Search Engine friendly
  • Add Google Analytics Code to track and analyze your website performance
  • Link Building – Effective link building techniques to get worthy inbound back links that increases internet presence

Our Search Engine Optimization service guarantees that we will bring your company website to page one of searches for the keywords you choose.

Mobile SEO optimization is done to create custom mobile content which can put the specific information the mobile users are likely to search in such a way that your website occupies a prominent position while searching with a mobile device.
ExolTech has extensive expertise in Mobile SEO services. Our team of highly experienced SEO experts is capable of delivering quality mobile SEO services to clients globally. With focus on promoting your website, our team formulates techniques and method that best suits your business interest. We analyze your mobile traffic through web analytics and modify your content and search terms to direct your users precisely. Benefits of associating with ExolTech for your Mobile SEO services include:

  • Highly trained SEO experts with extensive knowledge of mobile SEO Services
  • Team with experience in latest trends and technology
  • Customized SEO services to suite all budgetary requirements
  • Transparent policies to track and analyze the progress