Once your website has been Search Engine Optimized it is necessary to follow through with an intense Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy. SEM uses Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising and Internet Marketing techniques that seek to promote your website by increasing the visibility in popular search engine result pages.
Recent studies reveal that, around 30% of purchases that result from search come from PPC ads. PPC can be effectively complemented along with a full-service SEO package. Together, PPC and SEO can generate up to 80% of your website traffic.
ExolTech is a company which has a team of SEM experts, excels in digital campaigns providing exemplary SEM services. Paid Search Marketing offers higher visibility with websites that opt for paid placement definitely appearing on the first page.
ExolTech follows a multidimensional approach to SEM which will ensure that your website is highly ranked on major search engines. In addition, our SEO tactics will help convert visitors to customers. We utilize some of the best and industry standard SEM/PPC Management practices that include:

  • Choose the best keywords
  • Create PPC advertisements and landing pages that convert and generate revenue
  • Optimize the bids based on advertisement quality